Top 5 Best Hostel in Kota near Allen and All major Locations

A good hostel in Kota should meet the following conditions first, 

List of things you need to consider before choosing a Hostel in Kota

  • Distance from the coaching Institute
  • Spacious & Ventilated rooms
  • Food and Mess facilities
  • Management support (when student falls sick and other emergencies)
  • Overall Hygiene and positive environment in the Hostel
  • Room Rent and Associated amenities.

Based on our interactions with many students in Kota, we are listing down the best Hostels in Kota in Various Locations and nearby coaching buildings

Boys Hostel near Allen Sangyan Landmark City Kota

Here are the list of best hostels in Kota near Allen and all other coaching institutes in Kota

  1. Best Hostel in Landmark City Kota (Kunadi) – Hostel near Allen Sangyan & Samyak for NEET 
    1. Ramanuj Mansion –
    2. Radha Residency 
    3. Being Home Hostels (Zeta) –
    4. Vishalakshi Residency –
    5. Shree Sharanam 
  2. Best Hostel in Rajeev Gandhi Nagar Kota – Hostel Near Allen Safalya, Sabal, Sankalp, Samarth, Nucleus and Motion 
    1. Kohinoor Residency 
    2. B.L. Residency
    3. Being Home Hostels (Alpha + Theta)
    4. Shubra Residency
    5. Royal Cottage 
  3. Best Hostel in IPIA – Hostel Near Resonance, Reliable, Vibrant, Career Point, Motion (Drona)
    1. S. Birla
    2. Vasanti 
    3. Fortuna Icon 
    4. Shivoy 
    5. Geet Kanha
  4. Best Hostel inJawahar Nagar – Hostel Near Allen Satyarth & Sammunat
    1. Kohinoor Hostels – For Allen Toppers
    2. Being Home
    3. Shubra Residency
    4. Silver Villa
    5. Krishna Kunj

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One thought on “Top 5 Best Hostel in Kota near Allen and All major Locations

  • April 11, 2020 at 5:50 pm

    I want best room near saflya allen for iit preperation.pls give me room rent, room quality ,food etc.


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