When is Coachings Opening in Kota?

When is coachings opening in Kota for JEE & NEET Preparations for 2020/2021?

Kota Coaching Opening Dates

Many students and Parents are very anxious to know when will coachings like Allen, Resonance, Vibrant, Nucleus, Career Point, Aakash, Motion and Sarvottam in kota open for JEE & NEET coaching in Kota in 2020 during this Pandemic situation.  

All the coaching institutes were shut down during the lockdown in March and has stayed closed during the Lockdown. The NEET and JEE exams has been conducted and even Results are announced. This means students are looking forward to the upcoming academic sessions in 2020-2021. 

Recently. the government has said coachings and schools shall reopen after 15th of October 2020. As per this direction from the central government, various state governments are taking measures to reopen schools maintaining all the Covid Guidelines. 

Similarly, in Rajasthan, especially in Kota all the coaching institutes are putting their best efforts to resume the coaching in Kota for the academic year 2020-21. We could expect some official announcements from the Coaching institutes positively by Mid/end October 2020. 

Many top coachings in Kota like Allen Coaching reopening dates, Resonance coaching reopening dates will purely depend on the state governments’s directive and will have more clarity in Mid / End October 2020. 


Covid Situation in Kota

The Covid situation in Kota is not looking all that great with over 9500 covid cases as on 12th October 2020, Kota is still fighting had to curtail the covid situations in Kota. 

Just to give some perspective, It is estimated that close to 1,80,000 students come to Kota every year for JEE and NEET Preparations.  Kota is amongst top 10 densely populated city in the world as per reports in  2017 by Hindustan times, with 12100 students per sq.kms. This means there are high chances to contain the spread of Covid in such a densely populated City. 

Kota economy purely depends on Coaching Institutes and allied industries like Hostels, mess, stationaries, etc. There are many unskilled people working in the coaching and hostels as caretakers, cooks, cleaning staff, security  guards, teachers, administrative staffs and many more. Since the work culture and manpower is so diverse, it becomes extremely difficult to contain the people movement and eventually the virus spread to students. 

The only possible option to contain covid will be to have limited admissions in Kota unlike the 1,80,000 admissions last year. Ideally half the capacity could be advisable.  


Hostel Opening Dates in Kota

99% of Hostels in Kota are currently shut down due to lack of students in Kota and many hostel owners are shut down hostels permanenetly due to Losses in Covid also only a handfull of hostels are open in Kota with proper services and meeting the covid guidelines. It is very unlikely that all hostels will be open during the pandemic as it is not economically viable for  a Hostel owner to operate the property in such low occupancy levels and also meet the covid guidelines and still make profits. Kota is a crowded market for Hostels and lease owners.  We can expect a few hostels to reopen once the coaching institutes announces the opening dates of coaching in Kota for JEE and NEET

Eduteen | Kota Student Helpline

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