Top 10 Best Coaching Institutes in Kota for NEET/IIT/JEE

Kota is known for its best performance in the educational sector, especially in Science. Another name for Kota is the “education city”. The foremost thing that comes to students’ minds before coming to Kota is the selection of the best Coaching institute to advance in NEET, JEE, AIIMS, and IIT exams. Things to consider while […]

Best Coaching Institutes for Droppers in Kota

Best Coaching Institutes for Droppers in Kota If you have taken a drop year, you must be having various questions in your mind regarding coming to Kota. Like as a dropper you must go to Kota or not? Which is the best institute in Kota for droppers? And how will you be treated as a […]

Coachings Classes in Kota Opening Soon | click now

When is coachings opening in Kota for JEE & NEET Preparations for 2020/2021? Kota Coaching Opening Dates Many students and Parents are very anxious to know when will coachings like Allen, Resonance, Vibrant, Nucleus, Career Point, Aakash, Motion and Sarvottam in kota open for JEE & NEET coaching in Kota in 2020 during this Pandemic […]

How can you stay focused on NEET and JEE during Covid-19?

The following tips can help you stay focused and perform better during this Covid-19 Pandemic. Self Quarantine: Makes sure you do both physical and Social Media Quarantine. just focus on your studies and avoid any external interactions. This can create a lot of anxiety issues and thereby effect your studies. In case if things are […]

Which is the best Batch in Allen Kota

Namaste from Eduteen – Kota | Coaching | Life | Preparations | Hostels | Scholarships Clearing the myth about Batches and Phases in Kota for JEE in ALLEN A phase in Kota can accommodate anywhere between 2000–5000 students. Phases can mean Nurture (11th moving), Enthus (12th moving), Leader(13th standard), Achiever ( multiple dropper) An average batch […]

Best IIT Coaching in Kota 2020

The Students coming to Kota for JEE Mains and Advance preparation should consider the following points before deciding on the coaching institute for them. Before listing the best coaching institute in Kota let me list down the coaching institutes available in Kota for JEE preparation preferred by most students in the ALPHABETICAL ORDER. List of […]

Best NEET Coaching in Kota 2020

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