COVID-19 Updates in Kota

Covid-19 Updates In Kota

As we are well aware of the 2nd wave of Corona hitting us harder than before we ought to be much more careful now than we were during the initial days of the spread of the virus. 

People who understand this crucial Phase like our Government servants and Aam Aadmi are deliberately trying to stir up the janta with the seriousness of this Virus.

There are basic guidelines to be followed to prevent yourself from catching the Virus that we have all been hearing about and following -like wearing a mask, washing of hands, sanitizing, maintaining social distance, Night curfew, and avoiding gatherings but it seems not everyone is following the ”lifelines” required.

Hence the Government of Rajasthan has recently revised the guidelines to be followed strictly In order to keep the number of infected patients from rising.

In this blog, we will update you with the top 4 most important revisions done by the Rajasthan Government.

CBSE Board Exams 2021 Status:

The Education Ministry after a meeting with PM  has decided to postpone the class 12 exams and cancel the class 10 board exams. For class 12 boards the situation will be reviewed on June 1 and revised dates will be announced thereafter.

Coaching Classes In Kota Shut:

The Coaching classes in Kota for IIT JEE and NEET preparations have been temporarily shut from April 16 to April 30. They are to be resumed once after the arrow hits low and the updates for the same can be found in our future blogs.

Curfew in Kota:

The Rajasthan Government has declared a strict curfew from April 16 to April 30 in hours between 5 PM to 6 AM to bring down the rising cases in Rajasthan. The curfew could get even strict if the virus bar does not go down.

Active cases in Kota:

Since the initial days of Covid, the 2nd wave of the corona is considered to be more horrific as the cases are rising like the temperature in summers. Over the last few days, there has been a record of 632 cases in total in Kota and around  10 People have passed away.

So, the increase in the number of cases has led the Government to take strict actions and set the night curfew in motion. This could either get better or worse depending on how the Janta pursues it.

Stay Safe Guys and follow everything you can to avoid getting caught with the virus. Also, share the link to this blog with your loved ones.

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