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When is coachings opening in Kota for JEE & NEET Preparations for 2020/2021? Kota Coaching Opening Dates Many students and Parents are very anxious to know when will coachings like Allen, Resonance, Vibrant, Nucleus, Career Point, Aakash, Motion and Sarvottam in kota open for JEE & NEET coaching in Kota in 2020 during this Pandemic […]

List of 10 interesting things about Kota Coaching

There are over 10,00,000 people are in Kota. These are resident of Kota and apart from that every year it is estimated that around 2,00,000 students comes to kota every year for preparing for JEE and NEET examination. 10 interesting things about Kota Coaching Kota is the 7th densely Populated city in the world as […]

Which is the best Batch in Allen Kota

Namaste from Eduteen – Kota | Coaching | Life | Preparations | Hostels | Scholarships Clearing the myth about Batches and Phases in Kota for JEE in ALLEN A phase in Kota can accommodate anywhere between 2000–5000 students. Phases can mean Nurture (11th moving), Enthus (12th moving), Leader(13th standard), Achiever ( multiple dropper) An average batch […]

Can you name some good doctors in Kota?

Kota being world’s seventh densely Populated city is prone to a few water borne and food borne disease. Most Hostels in Kota has Doctor on-call facilities, where doctors visit the students at the Hostel for basic medication and tests requirement. They then suggest cause of action based on reports. Common Diseases and Health issues faced […]

Which are the best Open messes in Kota?

Food is amongst the most essential part of a student life in Kota. There is a general myth that Hostel food is very bad and of poor quality. But, based on our interactions with various students staying at good Hostels like S. Birla, Being Home Hostels, Ramanuj Mansion, etc. We have understood that students need […]

Best IIT Coaching in Kota 2020

The Students coming to Kota for JEE Mains and Advance preparation should consider the following points before deciding on the coaching institute for them. Before listing the best coaching institute in Kota let me list down the coaching institutes available in Kota for JEE preparation preferred by most students in the ALPHABETICAL ORDER. List of […]

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