Can you name some good doctors in Kota?

Good Doctors in Kota Eduteen

Kota being world’s seventh densely Populated city is prone to a few water borne and food borne disease. Most Hostels in Kota has Doctor on-call facilities, where doctors visit the students at the Hostel for basic medication and tests requirement. They then suggest cause of action based on reports.

Common Diseases and Health issues faced by students in Kota are

  • Dengue
  • Typhoid
  • Dehydration & Diarrhoea
  • Eye Related issues
  • Skin Allergies

List of Doctors in Kota for various health issues related to students

Eye DoctorKota Eye Hospital Dadabari (0744 250 4888)
Dr. Saroya’s clinic in Gumanpura area. (092142 36236)
SUVI eye hospital in Talwandi area. (092142 05668)
Bhaskar Eye and Child Hospital (0744 240 5109)
General PhysicianDoctor Santhosh Gupta, Mahaveer Nagar (092143 45732)
Dr. SK Goyal, Vigyan Nagar
Dr. C.P Vijay Talwandi (094610 08983)
Sudha Hospital, New Rajeev Gandhi Nagar (099280 27601)
Dr. Deepti Sharma Vigyan Nagar (0744 242 6061)
Opera Hospital, Indra Vihar (0744 242 0101)
Skin DoctorsDr. Puja Sharma, Talwandi (096363 14061)
Agrawal Eye & Skin, Talwandi (094142 72684)
Punarnav ayurveda, Mahaveer Nagar 2nd (095870 66074)


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