Best IIT Coaching in Kota 2020

Best JEE Coaching in Kota 2020

The Students coming to Kota for JEE Mains and Advance preparation should consider the following points before deciding on the coaching institute for them.

Before listing the best coaching institute in Kota let me list down the coaching institutes available in Kota for JEE preparation preferred by most students in the ALPHABETICAL ORDER.

List of coaching classes in Kota for IIT JEE

  • ALLEN Career Institute Kota
  • Bansal Classes Kota
  • Career Point
  • Motion
  • Nucleus
  • Resonance Kota
  • Vibrant

Now lets move on to the Points you should consider while choosing the Best Coaching Institute Suitable for you.

How to decide on the best coaching in Kota ?

  1. Faculty Teaching your Batch
  2. Selection Ratios and All India Rankers (AIR)
  3. Batch Size & Student / Staff Ratio
Best coaching in Kota for JEE 2020
Best coaching in Kota for JEE 2020

Faculty Teaching Your Batch

A teacher can make or break a student. Hence, faculty is the most important factor you need to consider while choosing your coaching institutes. Faculties are considered as celebrities in Kota, since, they have been able to fulfil the dreams of many young and brilliant minds getting into their dream college consistently over the years.

Let us first discuss the current process of batch allotment in Kota. First, you will have to give the entrance test for these coaching institutes individually, then based on your scores you get your SCHOLARSHIPS and your Batch. once your batch is decided, then based on your scores in your monthly test there will re-shuffling in your batch, with consistent good scores you move into better batches, then eventually you end up in the STAR BATCHES in Kota or the TOP batches in your coaching in Kota. All the coaching institutes in Kota has a Star and Top Batches. These batches gets the best faculties and most demanding study materials that prepares you to be the ALL INDIA RANKERS (AIR 100). A lot of Focus is given on these students.

There are a few ways in which you can assure you can get the right faculty for your batch.

Selection Ratios and All India Rankers (AIR)

Most Students coming in Kota in the early days come with a dream of joining IIT-Bombay and CSE department. The important thing to understand here is to get into IIT Bombay CSE, you need to be in the top 100 students in JEE Advance. Just to give you some perspective, every year almost 12.5 lakh students appear for JEE Mains exam and out of which ~2.2 Lakh students gets qualified for JEE Advance exams. Amongst this there are around 12600 Seats in IIT. So please do understand that the competition is stiff and you need to get into the best coaching institute in Kota to crack this exam. These top 7 coaching institutes have been able to consistently produce results, they have cracked the system and they know how it is done. So please ensure to get into the best coaching that has produced results consistently.

Note: Some coaching institutes also has the practice of buying top ranked students after the results are out*** just be cautious.

We have found this article by being home Hostels Kota pretty detailed, though a bit old. Hope they update it soon. It does give you a thorough analysis.

Batch Size & Student to Staff Ratio

Almost 1.8 lakh students come for JEE and NEET coaching in Kota every year and these top7 coaching institutes capture over 95% of the students in Kota. Challenges & Problems faced by students in Kota due to such High number of students.

  • Large batch size of over 100 students in each class, that leads to lack of attention needed for the student. A shy student will find it very difficult to ask questions in front of such large gathering. If he does not ask questions then it is going to be a big problem for him.

So, the solution to this problem is fairly simple,

  • Ask the coaching for how many teaching staffs do they have and also the total no of student enrolled in class room program ( Distance Learning Program DLP can be left out). So if the Student to staff ratio is around 50, then it is a fairly decent number and you can get some comfort in regard to personal attention.
  • How many teachers are available for doubt counters. so for a shy student the doubt counters are an advantage. Also ask the coaching regarding the experience ( years) of the students in the doubt counters.

We know summers in Kota can be really harsh, but we definitely urge you to visit all the JEE coaching institutes in Kota at-least the ones listed above before making your decision. Because this is arguably going to be the mfirst major decision in your life. We suggest you to Visit Kota at-least 3 days in advance and visit all coaching before you make your final decision.

So having weighed out all these parameters, we leave you to judge which is the best coaching for your child. So we strongly suggest the Above 7 institutes in no particular order.

All the Best !!! welcome to #Kotacityofdreams

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