Toppers tips on how to stay motivated in Kota while JEE & NEET

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  • First, make sure before taking admissions in Kota, whether you really are looking for a career in Medical and Engineering? If you are not, then no matter what you do, you cannot stay motivated in Kota.
  • Second, in case if you did not consider the first point, at least, evaluate yourself in 3 months after you come to Kota, you can still stop your coaching and consider going back home and pursue the career you like.
  • Third, now you have gone past both the points and contrary, you want to do JEE or NEET and you want to get ideas for staying motivated in Kota. then follow the following steps

List of top 10 things to do to stay motivated in Kota while JEE & NEET Preparations

  1. Do not burnout yourself Do take suffiicient breaks and involve in leisure activities like sports and reading. A break is most important thing to keep a focused mind and will help you stay motivated.
  2. Have a motivational poster in your room. Make it customised, and write down your goal.example : I want to get into IIT Mumbai a degree in CSE. I know, I can.
  3. Keep a photo of your loved ones on your table, family, friends, role model, etc. this can give you the required psychological strength
  4. Visit an IIT, NEET colleges. Ideally your dream college once. speak to an existing student in the college or talk to an Alumni
  5. Attend motivational sessions conduced by coaching and Hostels. We heard from the students of being home hostels that the this hostel startup conducts regular motivational sessions through IIT Alumnus network.
  6. Do short meditation and Breathing exercises to stay focused. Staying focused indirectly will help you understand the topics better and hence increases your motivation to read the subjects.
  7. Talk to your teachers on a weekly basis regarding your preparation challenges and also any personal challenges you may have. Certain hostels like Annapurna Homes and being home hostels, conducts regular Doctor engagement sessions where students can discuss their issues on a one-one basis with the Doctors regarding health, Hygiene, Puberty and Anxiety. related issues.
  8. Plan your daily study routine and also make sure you complete your daily goals. this will give you the required confidence and motivation. Do not over load your self with very difficult goals. Start easy and slowly raise your goals.
  9. Stick to NCERT and coaching study materials at the beginning. If you decide to read a lot of heavy and tough books, your mind will form an opinion that it is very difficult to study certain subjects. Hence, only use certain books for reference
  10. Avoid major distractions during your time in Kota. Do not engage much in social media, Politics, Relationships, TV, Games and Gossips. THis will keep you distracted from your goal.

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