Best Girls Hostel in Kota near Resonance

Top 20 Girls Hostel in Kota near Resonance

Kota is well-known for its engineering and medical entrance exam coaching institutes, and it is highly respected. When people think of Kota, the first thing that comes to mind is a hostel near their coaching center for IIT, JEE, and NEET. As a result, in this post, you can discover the Top 20 girls hostels in Kota close to resonance. IPIA Road, Indraprastha Industrial Area, Electronic Complex and Rajeev Gandhi Nagar Kota, Rajasthan is where these hostels are situated. We’ve compiled a list of the top 20 best girls hostels near resonance Kota, complete with all the information necessary for students’ comfort.

Disclaimer: The list furnished in this article does not indicate any ranking based on the quality of services provided by these hostels. This is just a collated list of hostels operating in this industry. 
We do not claim any ownership of the accuracy of the data furnished in this article. The readers are requested only to use this as information for reference and are requested to get in touch with the hostels directly to understand their services and service quality. The information provided here is curated based on existing information available in the public domain. Any discrepancies in data observed and suggested by readers or the hostels directly shall be amended.

List of Top 20 Girls Hostels in Kota near Resonance

Sukanya Girls Hostel

Sukanya Girls Hostel in Kota is developed taking into consideration the convenience and well-being of students preparing for entrance examinations. The health of students is taken into account in the preparation of food. Our girls hostels in Kota are located in close proximity to major institutes such as Allen, Resonance, and Motion. The hostel is located at a distance of 500 meters and offers all the latest modern facilities. The owner visits the hostel regularly to keep the best service available. They even provide van service to the hostel students.

Kalpana Residency – Girls Hostel

Kalpana Residency Girls Hostel in Kota is one of the best girls hostels in the education sector, like Kota with biometric participation, which provides a high level of protection through cameras. Food is satisfying with many varied rooms, with moderate rental spacious and clean. Very comfortable gives you a home-like vibe, has a good variety and taste in foodstuffs, excellent employees, and all the questions that have been solved

Harshul Residency

Harshul Residency’s rooms are good here and the location is good for vibrant motion career point resonance students. The rooms are clean and air conditioning is available as well. Even the food is very tasty. Electricity is also available 24 hours a day. Maids come every day to clean rooms and toilets. Everybody can afford a moderate rate.

Kota Royal Girls Hostel

Kota Royal Girls Hostel in Kota-Rajasthan is one of the leading businesses in the Hostels For Women. Also known for Hostels, Hostels For Women, and much more. The Google rating is decent at 3.4 and the rent is low as well. So anyone seeking budget hostel friendly can certainly go for this.

Samay Girls Hostel

Hostel for girls with single/double rooms, whether or not with a balcony of 10000 to 14000 per month. The Resonance Institute is also closer. Lawn’s good. The measurement and management of food are average. Improvement needs to be made of cleanliness. The rest of the hostel is beautiful.

Govind Residency 

Govind Residency is the best girls hostel near Resonance Academy, Bansal, and Sarvottam. The rent is suitable and the hostel rooms are very nice compared to all other nearby ones. The food supplied is quality as well. Available single and twin rooms. Laundry and food are included in the rent for the hostel. The electricity bill must be paid that is not included in the rental.

Tutee Homes – Olive

Tutee Homes – Olive is the number one girl’s hostel with everything you need. Calm and clean room for study, homely food, security 24*7 and good staff members’ behavior. By offering you apparently impossible amounts of luxury, they do not believe in creating eyewash, They promise comfort instead. After 13-14 years in the personal and corporate lives of student housing, they have united their forces to make a unique proposal of bridging the vast gap between living at home and living away from home.

Lokhith Girls Hostel

The newly established Premium girls Hostel is the Lokhith girls Hostel. The total area of buildings is over 65000 sq. Ft. Built a land area of 25000 sq. Ft. It’s a complete campus alone. The layout of the room & corridors is designed to provide ample light and air in every room and corridor. Every single room is 140 sq. ft, and each laundry room is over 40 sq. ft, respectively. The Dry & Wet area concept was followed in the washroom to keep clean and hygienic at all times.

Achievers Abode Girls Hostel

Achievers Abode Girls Hostel has high-quality and resonant hostels. Having good amenities like for the main system – register, CCTV surveillance and fire safety provisions, Biometric and Professional security guards. Warden stays at the 24*7 hostel and looks for alcohol and drug abuse. Optional Parental Stay – Depends on availability in affordable rooms.

Silver Spoon Girls Hostel

In Indraprastha Industrial Area, Silver Spoon Girls Hostel offers a wide variety of products and/or services to suit the different requirements. The staff in this facility are kind and willing to help. It has a decent rating of 3.4 on google and also the rent is low. so someone who is looking for a budget-friendly hostel can surely go for this.

Gurukul Pragya Girls Hostel

Gurukul Girls Hostel is a very well-coordinated girls’ hostel, which offers good quality food and a peaceful atmosphere. The right place is not too high for rent. In matters of rule and regulation, the conduct of owners and employees is really good. Here you have a nice sensation. Near the hostel is a park and is near to resonance.

Devshree Girls Hostel

Devshree House was set up in 2006 to provide Finest Residential Hostel facilities for student girls from across the country to Kota. For Girl students from famous coaching institutes like Allen, Resonance, Bansal Classes & Vibrant, they were the pioneers in Quality Hostel services. Devshree House regularly organizes popular events like Welcome function, Prize distribution, Feasts & Festivals, Picnics & Outings.

Baba Shree Home Girls Hostel

The best girls hostel in Kota is Baba Shree Home Girls Hostel. The owner is very careful and the place is wonderful. They help students achieve their dreams in the educational town of Kota, by giving them a home-like environment. It is located close to the major institutes of coaching such as Allen, Bansal classes, Career Point and Resonance.

U.F. Mansion Girls Hostel

Hostel and Resonance are in a good location. Coaching is close by and students and parents have lots of additional facilities available and the quality of food is good and many more.

Paras Residency Ratan Girl’s Hostel

The Hostels of Paras Residency Ratan is great for staying. It offers air-conditioned rooms equipped with food. The carrier and the supervisor are both extremely friendly and helpful. The quality of the food is good too. They cook food such as gajar ka halwa with pure ghee. The students are very well treated. They charge 9000 for a single room with one bed, and 7500 sharing (for each bed). The costs include food, laundry, and so on.

Geetanjali Girls Hostel

Geetanjali Girls Hostel is a good hostel to stay. Food is delicious and problems are resolved very fast. They take care of students’ safety, rooms are cleaned every day, and everywhere hygiene is retained.

Amritanjali Girl’s Residency

Amritanjali Girl’s Residency is best for girl students in Kota near Resonance. In comparison to other hostels, the rooms are clean and spacious. Food’s the best, too. If someone wants the best hostel to be comfortable, this hostel is the best place to stay.

City Residency

The very peaceful atmosphere and soothing happening with nice people. The rooms make you feel at home. The employees are very responsible. But it is pretty good as compared to others also not too expensive

Ambition Ex Girls Hostel

One of the best hostels of new Rajiv Gandhi Nagar rent is high as compared to service. The facilities are really awesome. Cleanliness and hygiene are maintained in the room as well as mess. Ambition Ex Girls Hostel is an excellent place for girls who want a homely atmosphere and quality food, all facilities provided.

Kanha Girls Hostel

A lovely girls’ hostel! Very large rooms! Very spacious! Humble owner nature and staff Very supportive. The ideal environment for students’ studies with arrangements. A very spacious setting full of balconies and windows. Kanha Girls Hostel provides low-rent accommodations with nice food.

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Top 20 Best Boys Hostels in kota near Allen Supath

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