How is Life of Students in Kota preparing for JEE & NEET

Life in Kota

Life of a student in Kota is broadly revolves around these following activities

  • Time in Coaching
  • Self-study
  • Sleep
  • Commute
  • Food & Break
  • Leisure

Types of Batches for Students in Kota

  • Morning batch 7 am -2pm
  • Evening batch from 2pm – 8pm

Considering the life of a morning batch student,

  • A student wakes up around 6am in the morning
  • Freshens up, has his breakfast and reaches the coaching institute before 7am.
  • He will have 3 classes with a 10 minute break in between and will continue until 2pm.
  • After doubt counters and a bit of time with friends after the class, he reaches back to the Hostel by 2.15-2.30. (Most students choose coaching within 5 mins walking distance)
  • He has a good and healthy meal at the Hostel ( 😉 some may not agree to this because of the hostel food served is not great in many hostels, But you will thank the hostel owners once you taste the food in your college hostel in the future )
  • Some students prefer to take a nap after 2.30, while others prefer music, talking to friends and basically taking a break.
  • Many start with their home work (almost 50 questions in total for all three subjects) and also their self-studies within 4-9 pm. Some hostels serve evening snack with tea in between before Dinner.
  • Students ideally prefer having lunch from 8-10pm.
  • Student continues his study after an hour break until 11.30 pm – 12pm before crashing to bed and wake up next day to a similar routine.

A student gets Sunday off. During when students meet their friends and go to the mall, movies, etc. One Sunday in a month is also dedicated to tests and the frequency of Sunday tests increases as you get closer to the final exams.

This is an student life in Kota followed by many students. based on the category of student that you are the weightage of time that you spend on self-study and leisure varies.

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