What are the type of Students in Kota preparing for JEE & NEET

type of students in Kota

We would cover the following topics in this blog regarding the type of Students in Kota preparing for JEE and NEET

First up, let us breakdown all the students coming to Kota into three major types, then it will be fairly easy for you to identify which type you fall into according to your efforts and mindset. It is also noticed that these types are not fixed, and many times, many toppers have moved from one type to the other during their time in Kota. To understand this in more detail, read further.  

Types of Students Coming to Kota according to Eduteen 

  • Sorted
  • Determined
  • Time Pass
SortedDeterminedTIme Pass
Self Study6-7 Hours
~8 hours
1-2 Hours
TraitsCalm & Composed Emotional Lazy
PositivesFocused on the
HardworkingCurious .
NegativeOver ConfidenceDoes not take
enough time to relax
Wasting time
in Kota
could be
better elsewhere
DistractionsLimitedAlmost NoneMany
Eduteen SuggestionDo not get carried away by good results. Remember ” Reaching at the top is not the struggle, Staying there is”“Do not get too emotional, break is most essential to organise yourself and stay focused” Do not waste your time in Kota. Find your passion and move towards your goal.

Sorted :

These types of students are sorted in their head in regard to their aim in Kota. They are well planned and exactly know why they are in Kota doing what they are doing. These students setup daily, weekly and monthly goals and work progressively towards completing their task. They are hardly distracted from things like relationships, mobile addictions, Gossips and other teenage distractions. They know they can have all the fun in their life once they crack these exams and get into good colleges. These students consistently get top ranks in the class, and for many students they are role models and set the benchmark.

These Students ideally spend 6-7 hours of self study DAILY. They are consistent and persistent. They do not have cheat days often where they take breaks from studies, They become very restless if they are unable to give the 6-7 hours of self study DAILY. These students also find time to listen to music, play sports, etc. Though it is way for him/her to relax self, but for an other student it looks like cool element. This is what makes them cool from the rest and makes them the role models. These students are amongst the AIR top 1000.

Determined :

The second type of student is the Determined, he is extremely hard working and puts 120% effort. more than he could afford and some times still ends up struggling with marks in the tests. They spend over 8 hours in self-study. They do not engage any kind of activities other than studies at all. They hardly socialise with others. They get very worried if they did not get the expected score in their exams and will be very ecstatic when they score good in their exams. These students have high chances of getting into the first category with minor changes in their routine that will be discussed below.

Time Pass :

These students are not bothered about education and are extremely distracted and completely lack motivation towards education. They get into all sorts of distractions in the city like gaming parlours, relationships, mobile addiction and what not. This accounts to about 20% of Kota

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