What is the cost of a hostel/PG in Kota?

Hostel expenses in Kota

List of Hostel Locations in Kota and their monthly expenses 

Hostels in Rajeev Gandhi Nagar near Allen Safalya, Sankalp, Sabal and Samarth. This is the location where most coaching institutes in Kota are located where IIT JEE Coaching happens. There are other coaching institutes like Nucleus Education, Motion and Achiever also located within Rajeev Gandhi Nagar.

  • The Hostel Rent in Rajeev Gandhi Nagar Kota is between 10,000 – 20,000 for a single AC rooms.
    • The difference is mainly due to various factors like distance from the coaching institute, Food facilities, Lift, Cleanliness, Safety, Hygiene, Local Guardian and Counselling Support.

being home Hostels (www.beinghome.co.in) & BL Residency

  • Hostels in Landmark City Kota near Allen Sangyan and Allen Samyak is located where exclusive NEET classes is conducted. The two buildings of ALLEN in Landmark city combined hosts over 30000 students. This is a very high student density area.
    • The hostel fees in Landmark City ranges from 8000 – 18000 per month. Most properties in landmark city is recently constructed with all modern amenities.

Note: A hostel with a low price of 8000/month shall not be compared with a good hostel at 10000 Rs because. There will be a lot of quality issues after the first two months in food and other services within the lower budget hostels.

Best Hostels in Landmark City : Ramanuj Mansion, being home hostels,

Hostels in IPIA near Resonance and Vibrant are located near City mall Kota. The students in Resonance prefer staying in Rajeev Gandhi Nagar and also in IPIA (Indra Prast Industrial Area)

  • The Hostel fees in IPIA is any where between 8000 – 25,000

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