Best Books for NEET Preparation 2020

First, and most importantly, if you are enrolled with any coaching institute for your preparation for NEET, then your first choice should always be the material provided by your coaching institute. Many top coaching institutes like Allen, Aakash, Motion, etc have been preparing students for these exams for so many years now, and they have also been able to consistently produce results and selection.  The experience faculty members are able to draft the study material in a way that it helps you understand on How to crack NEET entrance exams.

Second, it is estimated that almost 90% of the topics in the exam comes from the NCERT Syllabus. So, you should ideally focus on these two source of information first before moving on to any other reference books. 

Referring tough and complicated text books at an early stage of your learning can seriously harm your motivation level. So we at Eduteen suggest you to focus on the above two sources first before moving o to other listed reference books.

The Below Table lists down the best reference books for NEET Preparation in 2020.

HC Verma 1& 2 .
CP Singh
Cengage 1&2
DC Pandey
O.P. Tandon
P. Bahadur
MTG Objective Chemistry
K.N. Bhatia & M.P. Tyagi
MTG Objective Bio
Dinesh Objective Bio

Apart from this, Allen & Aakash DLP Modules are considered as the best books for NEET preparation.

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