List of things to carry while coming to Kota

Things to carry in Kota

These are the List of things that a Student should carry while moving into Kota, Rajasthan for his JEE and NEET preparation. 

  • Bookings
  • Mobile Phones
  • Documents
  • Books and Stationary
  • Household things
  • Motivation & Hoby

The admission season in Kota, Rajasthan for JEE and NEET exams starts as early as January for 10th to 11th moving students and all major Phases including droppers (13th) course begins in April 1st week. All major coaching like Allen, Resonance, Nucleus, Motion, etc have their classes during the same period. The admission seasons goes until late June with lesser phases and batches.

First up, April in Kota, is going to be really harsh on you where temperatures shoots well above 40deg C. So make sure to wear light clothes and also carry enough water bottles on you. If you are not used such dry heat, make sure you carry some basic medications with you, which will come very handy.

Now let us discuss the list of things you need to carry when coming to Kota in detail.


It is estimated that almost 1 lakh students come to Kota every year for JEE and NEET Preparations. And Each Phase shall accommodate around 3000-5000 students. And considering the majority of batches to happen in April and May, for all coaching institutes, Kota will be crowded during this time. Hence make advance bookings for the best Hotels in Kota at cheap prices.

  • Always prefer booking rooms in Rajeev Gandhi Nagar and Indra Vihar for IIT JEE aspirants and Near Gumanpura or Nayapura Bus stand for Medical aspirants. Hotel rooms shall be anywhere between 1200 – 4000Rs/day.
  • Some Hostels also provides parental stay facilities for 700 – 1000 Rs/ day.

Mobile Phones

  • Most students at the early days carry a smart phone with them, but within 4-5 months time when they go home for Diwali, they leave the phone back home. So, be smart enough avoid wasting the initial 4 months. Just carry a normal calling mobile phone. Most good hostels has a common computer within the premises with internet and a Skype connection for video calls.


  • Identification Proof (ID) : Aadhar card of Students, Aadhar card and Pan card of Parent ( Either Father / Mother)
  • Academic Certificates : Transfer certificate (TC), Mark Sheets, any academic achievements and certificates.

Books & Stationaries

  • You can purchase all stationaries and Study materials, reference text books once you reach Kota. There are plenty of Book stores within walking distance from all coaching institutes. Hence avoid carrying huge luggage on you.

Household Things

  • No need to purchase soaps, maggi, biscuits, etc in advance from your home town. Kota is amongst the major cities in Rajasthan and you get all these things at similar prices. So avoid purchasing these things. Just carry some extra cash with you.
  • If you are driving down in a car from nearby places then you shall carry all these things, so that you can avoid the rush in these stores. But if you are coming in a train / Bus from far away places, then it is ideally suggested against.

Motivation & Hoby

  • Carry a photo frame of your loved ones with you, because in the two years and tough competition, you will definitely going to miss your family and friends.
  • Do carry your idol / Role model Photo or a motivational quote with you

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