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In this article we shall summarise all the essential information a student needs if he/she is planning to come to Kota for IIT JEE or NEET preparation. This article also is meant for Parents who shall be making the decision on behalf of the students.

Table of Contents

  • Corona Helpline Numbers in Kota
  • Is coming to Kota the right decision to make ?
  • Which is the best coaching institute in Kota for JEE & NEET ?
  • Which are the best Hostels in Kota?
  • What are the living expenses in Kota for a student?
  • Which are the best Open Mess in Various places in Kota?
  • Which are the best Vegetarian & Non- Veg Restaurants in Kota
  • Who are some of the best doctors in Kota?

Corona Helpline Numbers in Kota | City Collector Office

9358486005 | 9358486006 | 9358486007 | 9358486008

Is coming to Kota the right decision to make ?

According to an article published in Hindustan times in 2017, Kota is the world’s seventh densely populated city with a population density of 12100people/sq.km. And a big percentage of it being students preparing for IIT JEE and NEET entrance exams with an aspiration to become Doctors and Engineers.

Some interesting facts about Kota Coaching

  • Close to 2,00,000 students prepare for JEE and NEET exams every year in Kota. Kota holds the Guinness record for the largest student gathering at a single venue and performing yoga on international Yoga day. ( ~1.05 lakh students)
  • It is estimated that close to 30% of India’s IITians and Doctors have studied from Kota. Kota produces amongst the best selection ratios in the country for JEE and NEET and also nurtures All India Rankers (AIRs)
  • In Kota, Teachers are considered as celebrities with hoardings of both students and teachers everywhere.
  • It is estimated that there are over 4500 best-in class experienced faculty member team catering to the demands of the students
  • There are over 30 World class Coaching institutes in Kota like Allen Career Institute, Resonance, Aakash, Career Point, Vibrant, Sarvottam, Nucleus, Motion, etc. To be covered in detail in the Best coaching institute in Kota section.

So to Answer the question, YES. Coming to Kota will be the right decision you make towards fulfilling your dream to become engineers and doctors.

“Kota – City of Dreams” titled by Author Abilash Geetha Balan in his book En route Kota – A complete guide for coaching in Kota.

Best coaching institute in Kota for JEE & NEET – 2020 ?

According to our Primary & Secondary research and based on our interactions with students and other educational experts in Kota we are Listing out the best Coaching institutes in Kota for IIT and NEET. The list is prepared based on following parameters Selection Ratios and All India Rankers over the years, Teaching Faculties, Quality of Study materials and Test series as per students, building infrastructure.

being home Hostels
being home Hostels

Best Coaching institutes in Kota for IIT JEE’2020

  • Allen
  • Resonance
  • Vibrant
  • Motion
  • Nucleus

Best Coaching institute in Kota for NEET’2020

  • Allen
  • Career Point
  • Resonance
  • Sarvottam
  • Motion

Disclaimer : This rankings is only for reference and shall not be considered actual. Please make your own judgements based on your intellect after visiting each of these coaching institutes directly and talking with the students and staff members.

Which are the best Hostels in Kota?

These are the list of Best Hostels in Kota in Various Locations in Kota based on user reviews, Services offered, Rent, Location, food, Amenities and recognition by Hostel Association and coaching institute.

Landmark City, Kunadi, Kota, Rajasthan is located around 10kms from Kota Railway station and around 4kms from Nayapura bus stand in Kota. Considered as the outskirts of the City, Landmark City currently hosts over 30,000 students preparing for NEET exams in Kota belonging to the Allen Career Institute. Allen has two major buildings there, Allen Samyak and Allen Sangyan. You can see all kinds of hostels in Landmark City Kota with an average capacity of 30 – 500 capacity each having its own pros and cons. A student should ideally prefer to stay within 300m radius from the coaching institutes. The student ratio in Landmark City is 60% Girls and 40% Boys with an average rent of a good Hostel including all services and amenities ranging from 12000 – 18,000 per month

Rajeev Gandhi Nagar, Kota, Rajasthan and IPIA, Kota Rajasthan is located 12kms from the Kota Railway station and it is considered as the heart of Kota City with all the major coaching institutes located within a radius of 2kms. This is the Hub for IIT JEE coaching in Kota. There are over 50,000 students located in this location

  • Best Hostel in Rajeev Gandhi Nagar Kota – Hostel Near Allen Safalya, Sabal, Sankalp, Samarth, Nucleus and Motion 
    1. Kohinoor Residency
    2. B.L. Residency
    3. Being Home Hostels (Alpha + Theta + Penta)
    4. Shubra Residency
    5. Royal Cottage 
  • Best Hostel in IPIA – Hostel Near Resonance, Reliable, Sarvottam, Vibrant, Career Point, Motion (Drona)
    1. S. Birla
    2. Vasanti 
    3. Fortuna Icon 
    4. Shivoy 
    5. Geet Kanha

Jawahar Nagar, Kota, Rajasthan and Talwandi is the Hub again for NEET coaching in Kota. This area has a student capacity of around 25000 students mostly in the Allen Career Institute, Kota.

  • Best Hostel in Jawahar Nagar – Hostel Near Allen Satyarth & Sammunat
    1. Kohinoor Hostels – For Allen Toppers
    2. Being Home
    3. Shubra Residency
    4. Silver Villa
    5. Krishna Kunj

What are the living expenses in Kota for a student?

The major cost of living for a student in Kota can be attributed into these following categories.

Living Expenses in KotaPGBasic HostelPremium Hostel Luxury Hostel
4000-7,0008000- 10,00010,000- 18,00018,000-25,000
3200-4500food charges included abovefood charges included abovefood charges included above

Coaching expenses in Kota & Other Expenses in Kota

Coaching & Others
Coaching Expenses
60000 – 8000080000-110000110000-180000
Entertainment &
Eat out (monthly)
School Fees
Phone Recharge300500800
(eye & General) –
Occasional Annual

Which are the best Open Mess in Various places in Kota?

Food is amongst the most essential part of a student life in Kota. There is a general myth that Hostel food is very bad and of poor quality. But, based on our interactions with various students staying at good Hostels like S. Birla, Being Home Hostels, Ramanuj Mansion, etc. We have understood that students need to understand the following things carefully

  • Most in-house Mess in good Hostel are Hygenic and Good Quality but may not suite your taste buds throughout the year. Because, the Hostel owners need to consider making food students from all over the country with different taste buds. Some students like it spicy, some like it bland. Some like chinese, while others like Desi and so on.
  • There are high chances that Food Quality in Open Mess are compromised. They might taste good, but quality you are being served could be very bad. You will start having health issues once you leave Kota in a few years.
  • Avoid eating Non-Vegeterian food in Kota as Rajasthan mostly is Vegetarian dominated area. Since the demand of meat is less, the quality automatically gets lower and mostly infected and frozen mean is available and there are high chances of food poisoning.

Monthly Mess expenses in Kota is around 3000Rs – 4500Rs for a daily two diet meal.

Lis of best Open Mess in Kota

Mess Location In KotaMESS Names
Mahaveer NagarBhagwatam Mess
Punjabi Mess
Prasadam Mess
Govind Mess
Gaurav Mess
Food Love
Red Chillis
Vigyan NagarCaliber Foods
Sangam Mess
Rajeev Gandhi NagarLaxmi Mess
Indra ViharMRF Foods

Which are the best Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian Restaurants in Kota?

Some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Kota for both Dine-in and Order-in amongst students are the following.

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Kota

  • Amar Punjabi Daba
  • Eatos
  • Thali Bazaar

Best Non-Vegetarian Restaurants in Kota

  • Al Kareem
  • Firdous
  • UBF

Who are some of the best doctors in Kota?

Common Diseases and Health issues faced by students in Kota are

  • Dengue
  • Typhoid
  • Dehydration & Diarrhoea
  • Eye Related issues
  • Skin Allergies

List of Doctors in Kota for various health issues related to students

Eye DoctorKota Eye Hospital Dadabari (0744 250 4888)
Dr. Saroya’s clinic in Gumanpura area. (092142 36236)
SUVI eye hospital in Talwandi area. (092142 05668)
Bhaskar Eye and Child Hospital (0744 240 5109)
General PhysicianDoctor Santhosh Gupta, Mahaveer Nagar (092143 45732)
Dr. SK Goyal, Vigyan Nagar
Dr. C.P Vijay Talwandi (094610 08983)
Sudha Hospital, New Rajeev Gandhi Nagar (099280 27601)
Dr. Deepti Sharma Vigyan Nagar (0744 242 6061)
Opera Hospital, Indra Vihar (0744 242 0101)
Skin DoctorsDr. Puja Sharma, Talwandi (096363 14061)
Agrawal Eye & Skin, Talwandi (094142 72684)
Punarnav ayurveda, Mahaveer Nagar 2nd (095870 66074)

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