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1.Your life has not been easy, what are your biggest challenges faced in your life and how did you manage to overcome them?


Yes, my life is not as normal people. I have faced various challenges, like I have 24-24 cycle spoke in my both legs, one steel plate in my hand which is fixed. I have faced various problems in daily routine work and also while doing practicals in science.

I overcame all challenges with the help of my father and mother. 

I kept patience and always believed that hard work is the key to success. I have also won a state award and two National awards and after that, I came to Kota to prepare for competitive exams.


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2.Sometimes we miss out on saying thank you to people who have been a major part of our journey, take this opportunity to thank a few people who have been influential and supportive in your journey.

I would like to thank every individual who believed in me. Many people have been influential and supportive in my journey and would take this opportunity to thank each one of them.


3.What are your dreams and aspirations in life?

       I aspire to become a scientist like Stephen Hawkings and I wish to compete in GRE and TOEFL exams for MIT USA for higher studies. 


4.Can you suggest 5 tips every student should follow while preparing for competitive exams like JEE and NEET?

 5 tips that can help students for competitive exam preparation according to me are:-

i)   Be attentive in the classroom every time and try not to miss any class.

ii)  Revise notes every day and complete homework that is given in regular class. Avoid using social media to save more time.

iii) Ask doubts and don’t compare yourselves with others if they can easily solve a problem and not you.

iv)  Read NCERT Chemistry (IOC, OC, PC) of class 11th and 12th. Solve NCERT mathematics book of class 11th and 12th, solve all illustrations and problems from NCERT books. Read formulae in physics and solve derivation. Also, read NCERT biology and chemistry.

For JEE students-

·        You must study NCERT chemistry class 11th part 2 unit 12 and unit 14.

–     Read NCERT Chemistry Class 12 Part 2 unit 14,15,16

·        Study HCV part 1 and 2 short answer type and objectives of each chapter.

·        After JEE main January and before NEET, please focus on Board exams.

        v) Make proper notes while solving problems in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and              Biology so that you can easily revise later on.

5.What are the things a student should consider outside studies to stay focused on in preparations?

      According to me, a student must regularly practice yoga and meditation to stay focused on preparations.

6.Which is your dream college and what stream of education would you want to pursue?

      My dream college is IIT Bombay and I want to pursue my education in Computer Science steam.

7.Who is your favorite teacher during your time in Kota?

All teachers are my favorite. They all have helped me and motivated me throughout.


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