Top 10 Things students in Kota can do during lock down

Things to do during lockdown

Top 10 Things students in Kota can do during lock down keeping in mind a strict social distancing.

Apart from the most obvious thing of studying and preparing for JEE and NEET, revising the lessons, here are the list of top 10 things students in Kota can do during Lock Down. KEEPING IN MIND A STRICT SOCIAL DISTANCING. This article considers things outside the studies.

Things to do during lockdown

1. Play childhood games within the Hostel.

Try getting creative and reliving your childhood memories. Play  games like Hide and Seek, Finding the hidden treasure, etc. This could prove very interesting and relaxing. 

2. Listen to music at the terrace with some coffee.


If your hostel allows you to enter the terrace and if you can behave matured enough. You guys can have a great time with some good time at the terrace with some music and conversations with friennds

3. Cultivate a new Hobby

Relive your lost interests. Re-kindle and brush up your skills and hobbies that you parked aside for your preparations for JEE. Maybe this training can help you show off amongst your friends when you reach your dream college. Try your hand in reading, writing, sketching, video editing, photography, dancing, signing and what not. 

4.Start exercising & Meditation


Since you are left with plenty of time for your self, you may spend some time to focus onyour body, diet and exercising. Maybe start of with some ground exercises and also you may try some APPS like 7 minutes work. Even it could be a great time to start to meditate and find your inner peace. Try Apps like Headspace and Calm. 

5. Get inspired. watch some great videos

This is the best time to motivate, inspire and open up your mind. There are some great content available on the internet. To start of with watch videos of your dream college, once that aside try watching some TED Videos, Travel Videos, Greatest debates, etc

6. Come up with a startup Idea.


Few young minds coming together can break the barriers of creativity and stretch boundaries of human imagination. Try identifying a problem faced by humans and try coming up with a start-up idea. 

7. Learn something new.


With a lot of online courses available these days like Udemy, Coursera, Edex, you can try your hand in learning a new skill. Maybe something like web development. Digital marketing, Magic, Vlogging, etc. All these skills can help you find freelance work during college and earn some pocket money.

8. Organise your self

Find time to clean your room, organise things and bring some order and discipline to your life. Start with making your bed, washing your own clothes and cleaning your room, etc.  

9. Talk to friends and Family

Nothing much to say on this. Family comes first. Start building some good relation with your family during this tough times. 

10. Sleep and Support #Kotafightscorona. (1)

If you do not want to engage in anything, just find your time to catch up on all your lost sleep during one or two years of preparation and strict study routine. Additionally, Just follow and support the efforts by the government and stay at your hostel and do not spread the virus. 

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