7 Best Apps for Students during Lockdown/Online Classes

Best Apps for students during lockdown

Staying in the house for an entire year is something we have all done by the grace of the Noble Corona off-course, not by our own will. What we Will do the most, is to use our phones. And thanks to Science and Technology for introducing us “the Smart Humans” to Smartphones.

As the past year had been challenging for all of us, our phones, on the other hand, kept us sane. Adding cherry on the top is the best way to make any baked item look good. Similarly, the Cherry for our phones is the Internet and also the main reason to why we are Jammed to our phones.

Phones are like cabinets with Apps and folders where we store half of our lives. We, Nowadays have Apps for almost everything and it sure does make our lives easier and fun, especially for students who have been missing out on School and Coaching classes.

In this blog we will be telling you about such 7 Apps that will turn out to be really useful for you, you can thank us later.


Can’t keep track of your expenses? Toshl is such an app that helps you organize and keep a record of all your expenses, with an option to add details for every expense. It’s Free and  Available on both iOS and Android.


A research-it-later application that helps you jot down things you want to know or research on, but don’t have time to when it crosses your mind. This App helps keep a record of all our ‘Brainscape (a term coined by the Dunno team for random thoughts that cross your mind). It’s Free and  Available on iOS.

Alarmy (Sleep if you can)

An alarm app with a twist. It requires the user to do certain simple tasks, like clicking a picture or shaking your phone a certain number of times for the ringing to stop, helping the user wake up without hitting the snooze button. Price: 160 on iOS and 165 on Android. Free Alternative: Rocket Alarm.


Dropbox helps students keep all their notes and study material in one place, removing the fear of losing them or mysteriously deleting them from their hard drives. It’s Free and  Available on both iOS and Android


This is a very Interesting App it lets students block certain websites for the desired time and schedule their routine for multiple days to help them concentrate and not get distracted. It’s Free and  Available on both iOS and Android.


WolfRam Alpha is an app that does it all. It also helps with research projects as it gives specific answers to questions like the unemployment rate in a particular state, or with a visual representation of the data. Even video tutorials are available for some questions on the app. The best part about it is that it’s different from any other search engine. Instead of giving multiple vague results for something, it gives you the specifics. For example, if You look for HTML blue, it gives you the hex code which makes it easier for you to work on any design software.


It gives real-time information on bus, metro and train timings, with cancellations, delays and alternative suggestions for transport. It’s Free and  Available on Android.

Isn’t that wonderful that how we can do so much with a few clicks? With more advancement in technology, we are sure to have much variety of ease and comfort at the click of our hands.

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