Sarang Dev interview by Eduteen


  1. Please introduce yourself and share with us your experience with Kota.

  Hello. My name is Sarang Dev. I’m from Aurangabad (Maharashtra). Currently pursuing B. Tech. in ECE from IIIT Dharwad. I was in Kota for my one-year preparation of JEE as a repeater in 2019.  This one year has completely transformed my life. I found my dream college, made new friends, got into the association of many talented people and learnt how to struggle in a closed room. My relatives and friends in hometown say “You were a different Sarang before going to Kota, and now you are a completely transformed Sarang after staying in Kota!”

  2. Why did you choose Kota to prepare for your exams?

  As I have mentioned earlier, I had decided to devote one more year for JEE preparation after class 12th. As this one year demanded my best efforts; I decided to get out of my comfort zone and study somewhere else of the home. As this year was the final chance to crack JEE, I decided to prepare with the best coaches. Hence I chose Kota, the educational hub. This was the most important decision at that time. 

 3. What are your dreams and aspirations in Life?

  To be honest, my dreams change every month. Though deep inside my heart I have the desire to do something for our country. I aspire to become an IAS officer and work for the betterment of society.

  4. Can you suggest any 5 tips every student should follow while preparing for competitive exams Like JEE & NEET?

1)     Be sincere. Not serious.

2)     This exam is not only a test of your aptitude but also a test of your maturity. So, stay calm and composed.

3)     Focus on solving more and more questions. Studying theory only is not enough.

4)     Make a routine and work on it.

5)     Exercise every day.

 5. What are the things a student should consider outside studies to stay focused on preparations?

  There are three things according to me. First is maintaining a proper routine. Second is having a friendship with goal oriented students and those who are focused in studies. And third is sparing one hour daily for recreational activities or games. This makes you charged for one more round of studies. For recreational activities, we had a recreation room made available by our hostel. (Being home alpha)

 6.What are the major distractions that students have during their time in Kota?

  Kota can also be full of distractions according to me. Most important distraction is unnecessary friendship. Many students fall prey to it. Staying alone in the room gives some students the freedom to watch movies and other stuff. That is also a distraction. There are other distractions as well like drugs and play stations. A mature person with a focused mindset can avoid them.

 7.Which was your dream college and what stream of education would you want to pursue?

  My dream college was BITS Pilani. I wanted to pursue ECE. I couldn’t get the dream college but fortunately got the dream stream.

 8.Who was your favourite teacher during your time in Kota?

Physics: Mukeem Khan sir. (AKA KING KHAN OF PHYSICS)

Chemistry: SKM sir. (Organic Chemistry.)

Maths: Anna sir. (Amarnath Anand sir)

9.What are the things a good hostel in Kota should have?

  Along with a good coaching institute, the choice of a perfect hostel is also vital. A good hostel should be near to the coaching centre and mess. Should have 24/7 water and electricity supply. The rooms should be well ventilated. And most importantly, the staff of the hostel should be supportive. 

 10.What change do you like to see in the current education system (if any)?

  I have observed in Kota that students from ICSE and CBSE boards know a lot of concepts of the syllabus as they have learnt those concepts in school. This thing gives them an upper hand over state board students. This one change I would like to see that all boards should have the same syllabus from class 5th to 12th. This will bring state board students in the mainstream and establish equality.

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