Please introduce yourself and share with us your experience in Kota as a student.

My name is Mohit Goyal. I am from Daltonganj, Jharkhand. Currently, I am Pursuing my B.Tech from IIT Roorkee and I am exploring myself in the field of Software Development. When it comes to Kota, Kota is one of the best educational hubs to choose for studies. Here you will be taught the concepts you never studied in school and that too with each and every basic detail.

When I came to Kota, the very first lecture (Everyone gets a SHOCK!), I’ve covered that later) at coaching changed my perception. You’re hardly asked to remember any thing, everything is taught with concepts. And the best part is that you can apply these concepts anywhere and you will always get correct results.

Why did you choose Kota to prepare for your exams?

I choose Kota to prepare for exams because of the great environment for my studies. You may not get a good environment of studies in your own city. Most students in Kota come with a motive of cracking JEE, that’s why all of them are serious. It will really motivate you to complete your homework when all your batch-mates have completed theirs. You’ll face direct competition at a national level.

What are your dreams and aspirations in Life?

My dreams keep changing. For now, I am learning and exploring various fields in my life.

Can you suggest 5 tips every student should follow while preparing for competitive exams Like JEE & NEET?

1.     Be Hardworking: I would suggest you not get scared from hard work. Practice as much you can, ask doubts and clear them, practice monthly tests, revise daily study material, cope up with the flow of lectures, and stay determined.

2.     Be health-conscious: Take care of your health, meditate for 5 mins., and take at least 6 hrs of sleep to avoid any kind of physical exhaustion and mental stress.

3.     Avoid Distractions: Use the internet wisely and try to stay determined. There can be many distractions since you are staying away from home but you must try to stay focused on your goals. Also, try to make great friends who are totally determined.

4.     Be a problem Solver: Analyse and improve your mistakes. Always learn from your mistakes and seek the proper solutions.

5.     Compete for your last performance: Always compare yourself to your last performance. Don’t be depressed if you are not getting good marks on tests. You just have to improve yourself every day.

What are the things a student should consider outside studies to stay focused on preparations? 

I believe, a student must also do physical activities like yoga, sports, meditation and some other recreational studies to stay physically and mentally fit. Always avoid using mobile phone and try to spend time outside in nature to relax yourself.

What are the major distractions that students have during their time in Kota?

Major distractions are natural to happen in Kota as you might be living away from your family. Many students get addicted to social media and internet. I feel this is the major distraction. It wastes your time so much. Bad company of friends is also a major distraction. Good friends will always motivate you to stay determined. I will suggest you to stay away from bad company.

Which is your dream college and what stream of education would you want to pursue? 

I want to explore each and every field. I have already got the college IIT Roorkee and I am exploring and learning as much I can. My dreams keep changing.

Who were your favourite teachers?

My favourite teachers during my preparation time in Kota were:

Maths -Manoj Bindal sir

Physics teacher – Mohit Bhargava sir

Chemistry- Akshay Choudhary and Shashikant Choudhary sir

What are the things a good hostel in Kota should have?

Hostel/PG is that one passive factor that most students tend to overlook. During the preparation years of JEE/PMT in Kota, your life will be fixated between your hostel and Coaching. Hence, the perfect hostel is just as important as the right coaching.

Contrary to the general opinion, a perfect hostel is way much more than just good food and good interiors. Due to the high demands, there are thousands of Hostels/PGs in Kota. Below are some of the most important factors that you should look for before stepping into a room.:-

1. Proximity to the institute.

2. Availability of mess.

3. The rooms and number of roommates.

4. Minimal distraction.

5. Landlord.

6. Transportation facility.

I believe that the best way to see hostels and messes is through various online portals. One of them is They have got the most detailed data of all the listed hostels/PGs and verified images. Apart from that, they have got all the filters that you would need to find the right roof.

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