Hostel food v/s Mess food in Kota

We totally understand that you must be having a lot of questions when you are coming to Kota for studies, especially when it comes to food. You might be having a lot of questions regarding the food quality, hostel food and mess food. We at Eduteen are there to make you feel at ease with the answers you wish to know.


Students who come to Kota are mostly confused whether they should choose a hostel with food included or they should opt for mess separately. Also there are a lot of questions regarding the food quality in Kota. Read this blog to know more about the same.

How is the food quality in Kota?

Kota is a city in Rajasthan, where most simple vegetarian food is preferred. Many students come to Kota from various parts of the country to prepare for National level competitive exams. All messes and hostels provide lavish food in Kota still many students feel that the quality of food is not good. There may be various reasons for that:


1. Since students come from various cultural backgrounds and different states, they may like spicier, more flavored and even non-veg food which is not preferable here in Kota.

2. To be more focused on studies, one must eat simple food which makes a person emotionally, mentally and physically fit and focused. That’s why in Kota students find simpler food than they like.

3. One cannot expect the exact food made at home to be served in Kota because here the hostels and messes cook food in larger quantities and useless flavour to make it simple for everyone.


Students find the food simpler as compared to their hometown which doesn’t mean that the food quality is bad. Also if you don’t find good quality food then you can always change mess or hostel as there are a number of options available in Kota.

Hostel food or mess food?

Again this is on you to choose between hostel or mess food but there are various factors you must know before you go ahead with your hostel and mess booking at Kota.

No. of meals

You will get only 2 meals at the mess that is lunch and dinner but 4 meals at hostel i.e. Breakfast, lunch, high-tea and dinner.

Quality Food

You can always complain about the bad quality of food to your hostel owner because you pay hostel rent also. This is why the whole of your responsibility lies with the hostel owner but open mess owners generally do not pay attention to such grievances.


You go and have your food in mess so this can be really time-consuming for you. It is really important to manage your time when you are preparing for your exams. We have surveyed that students waste almost 60 hrs in a year. They can start discussing cricket, rumors or any other irrelevant discussion. This wastes their time in vain.

Food Menu in Hostels:

Morning  – Breakfast with tea

Afternoon (Lunch) – Daal, Rice, vegetable, curd, salad, and chapati

4:30 – High tea

Night (Dinner) – Dal, Pulav, Vegetable with gravy, chapati and salad

Night- Milk

Special(3 Days in a week)  –Matar paneer, Chola paneer, Shahi Paneer, Paneer butter masala, Kadai Paneer, Malai ofta, Manchurian, Manchurian- gravy, Pav Bhaji, Masala Dosa, Chola Bhatura, Masala Dosa etc.  

Best open messes in Kota

If you are looking for the best open messes in Kota then we have some names for you, you can definitely vouch for them for good food quality:

  • MRF Mess Kota
  • Punjabi Mess Kota
  • S Birla student’s Mess Kota
  • Laxmi Mess in Kota

These messes are near popular buildings of coaching institutes so you will be able to find them for sure.


Wish you all the very best!



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