How to find a good hostel in Kota for my Son and Daughter

Hostel expenses in Kota

To understand the process of finalising a good hostel for your son / daughter in Kota, first, you need to understand the basic location and areas where the coaching institutes are present in Kota. Since Staying close to the coaching is the most important parameter most parents consider.

List of things you need to consider before choosing a Hostel in Kota

  • Distance from the coaching Institute
  • Spacious & Ventilated rooms
  • Food and Mess facilities
  • Management support (when student falls sick and other emergencies)
  • Overall Hygiene and positive environment in the Hostel

List of coaching institutes offering JEE & NEET coaching in Kota and their Locations

Kota City Map Source: being home Hostels | Kota
Coaching Institute & Location Ideal Hostel areas Course Distance from Coaching Price

(Single Room)
Allen Sankalp, Safalya, Sabal, Samarth
(Rajeev Gandhi Nagar)
Rajeev Gandhi Nagar
Mahaveer Nagar 1st
JEE less than 200m 10,000 – 15000
Allen Saakar 1 & 2
(Rajeev Gandhi Nagar
Rajeev Gandhi Nagar
JEE/NEET Less than 200m 8000 – 13000
Resonance, Vibrant, Sarvottam
(IPIA road no 2)
IPIA road no 2,3,&4
Rajeev Gandhi Nagar
JEE Less than 400m 8000 – 13000
(Rajeev Gandhi Nagar)
Rajeev Gandhi Nagar
Mahaveer Nagar 1st
JEE Less than 200m 10000 – 15000
Motion Rajeev Gandhi Nagar JEE Less than 200m 10000 – 15000
Allen Satyarth & Sammunat
(Jawahar Nagar)
Jawahar Nagar
NEET Less than 500m 8000 – 13000
Allen Sangyan & Samyak
(Landmark City Kunhadi)
Landmark CIty
Kamla Udyan
Laxman Vihar
NEET Less than 600m 10000-18000

Note: The above table is for Hostels in Kota city. Landmark CIty is 12kms from Rajeev Gandhi Nagar where most of Coaching institutes are located.

Our Pick of location for Best Boys hostel in Kota for JEE preparation and Best Girls hostel in Kota for JEE preparation is Rajeev Gandhi Nagar because this area is very close to coaching and also has many shops, Open mess, etc that caters to all of students daily needs.

Our Pick of location for Best Boys hostel in Kota for NEET preparation and Best Girls hostel in Kota for NEET preparation is Landmark City ,

Spacious & Ventilated Rooms

Photos of Hostel Room in Kota
Hostel Room in Kota

After the Location, Best Hostels in Kota demands good size and ventilated rooms to create the perfect study environment for students. Rooms in Rajeev Gandhi nagar and IPIA are quite big and perfectly Ventilated as compared to the ones in Mahaveer Nagar and Talwandi.

My Hostel Room size in Kota ( Excluding attached washrooms)

  • Small Size Rooms : Less than 8×8 ft (~70 sq.ft)
  • Standard Size Rooms : 8x10ft (~80-100 sqft)
  • Large Size Rooms 10×12 ft (100 – 120 sqft)
  • Big Size Rooms 12×12 ft ( 140 sq.ft)

Hostel Food in Kota

Now since parents are most concerned about the quality of Hostel food in Kota. Our team after speaking to many Branded Hostels that provide best food in Kota like Chandra Residency, being home Hostels, S. Birla Vasanti Residency, etc have listed down these things that ensure that your child will stay healthy during your time in Kota.

  • In-House Kitchen is a must – these above hostels maintain their food quality through in-house kitchen and dining areas. This ensures Hygiene.
  • Dedicated Weekly Food Menu : These hostels prepare a detailed weekly food menu that is a perfect mixture of all basic nutrients needed for the child
  • Feedback based Menu : Students are being asked regarding their food craving and these hostels prepare special menus often during the week where local cuisines like Dal Batti, Liti Choka, Masala Dosa, Idli, etc are being served

Note : Food taste may vary as the hostels need to cater to all kinds of taste buds from across the country. But these good hostels in Kota never compromise on Quality of the food.

Management support for students in Kota (when student falls sick and other emergencies)

Since the students coming to Kota fall under a very young age, most of them staying away from the family for the first time, need a lot of care and attention to take care of themselves. The Support needed from the Hostel management to the parents are as follows

  • When your child falls sick : The hostel management should be able to co-ordinate in taking the student to hospital and communicating it with the parent
  • Student is going to the classes regularly : The hostel manager should be able to keep a track on whether the student is going to the classes regularly, and also communicate with parents otherwise.
  • Local Guardian : Students sometimes are shy to ask things to the coaching or teachers, incase a student is facing any issues in the classes or any other support, the Hostel Management becomes your local guardian in Kota for all assistance .

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