Students come to Kota for preparation of National level examinations like IIT- JEE and NEET. Each student wants to get selected with a good rank. Students visit various religious places to feel positive during their struggling times as a student. Visiting Temple Activates your sense organs. One can absorb the positive energy only when the five senses are activated. So, you should visit temples in order to activate your sense organs to absorb positive energy.


Visiting temples also helps students to be more focused and they can also feel refreshed after visiting the peaceful place.

Religious Places in Kota:

Kota is a city which resides near Chambal River, so various religious places, especially temples near chambal river makes a peaceful and good scenic view. Students can visit these places for a change where they can sit with themselves and feel good.

Here we have a list of such beautiful and peaceful temples, mosques and churches which are really famous among students.  

Radha Krishna Temple

Radha Krishna Temple:

Radha Krishna Temple, located in Kota is very famous among students. Here is a wall where devotees write their prayers. Students also go and express the problems they are having and also pay gratitude for their success.

Khade Ganesh Ji Temple:

Khade Ganesh ji temple is in new Kota, in Ganesh Nagar. This is one of the most visited temples by students. Lord Ganesha is known for wisdom so many students visit this place specially on Wednesdays. Do visit this one!

Godavari Dham:

Godhavari Dham temple is a beautiful temple to visit. The temple is near the Chambal river Kota and is famous for Lord Hanuman and Ram Darbar. Many students visit this temple to wish for their success and to sit there in peace for sometime. You would really love this blissful place.

Noor Jama Masjid:

Noor Jama Masjid is in Vigyan nagar. This masjid is in the students’ area where they can go for Namaz. You can visit before or after your classes.

Karai ke Balaji Temple:

Karai ke Balaji temple is again a beautiful place to visit. This temple is known for Lord Hanuman and also has a small shiv temple in between rocks. You can easily go to this place which is near chambal garden. This is one of the magnificent temples to visit here in Kota. 

Sai Baba Temple:

Sai Baba temple is located on the way to Kota Barrage. Students visit this temple to pray for their exams. This temple is considered very magical for devotees. Students visit there and offer prayers for their exams.

Adarshila Dargah:

The Dargah of Adharshila is also known as the Dargah of Amir Kabir and is a huge complex spread over a large area. The ambiance around the dargah is serene and blissful and it attracts a large number of tourists from all over India. Students love to offer prayers and they visit here during festivals also.

Source: Tour my India

Gaiparnath Temple:

Gaiparnath temple is located near Kota, in Ratkankara. This is famous for the beautiful waterfall view. A small lord Shiva temple is there which is renowned and has many mythological stories behind. If you are here is Kota to study then you must visit the place with your friends or family.

Garadia Mahadev:

One can experience a grand view of the Chambal river from Garadia Mahadev. If you are a student, you can visit this place if you want to take a break from the regular schedule.

Shiv Puri Dham:

Shivpuri Dham is one of the ancient and unique temples in Kota. It has as many as 525 shiva lingas at one place. The place is thronged by pilgrims and devotees all through the year; however, the busiest time of the year is Shivratri or Rasleela. Between the shiva lingas, there is a huge statue of God Pashupati Nath.



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