Top 20 Boys Hostel near Allen Sangyan and Samyak

top 20 Boys hostels near allen sangyan and allen samyak in kota

Kota is an education hub where thousands of students come to spark their careers and before coming to Kota the first thing that comes to mind is Hostel near their Coaching center for IIT, JEE, and NEET. Therefore, In this article, you will find the Top 20 Best Boys Hostels in Kota, near Allen Sangyan and Allen Samyak. These Hostels are located in Landmark city, Kunhadi, Kota Rajasthan. We have listed below the top 20 boys hostel near Allen Sangyan and Allen Samyak consisting of all details keeping the comfort of students in mind.

Disclaimer: The list furnished in this article does not indicate any ranking based on the quality of services provided by these hostels. This is just a collated list of hostels operating in this industry. 
We do not claim any ownership of the accuracy of the data furnished in this article. The readers are requested only to use this as information for reference and are requested to get in touch with the hostels directly to understand their services and service quality. The information provided here is curated based on existing information available in the public domain. Any discrepancies in data observed and suggested by readers or the hostels directly shall be amended.

List of Top 20 Best Boys Hostels in Kota near Allen Sangyan and Allen Samyak

Mother’s Home

The newly built Mother’s Home Boys Hostel is a handy, pocket-friendly, five-star world-class hostel. It is the first of its kind, accredited in Kota under ISO 9001:2015. Best Boys Hostel in Kota, close to Allen Sangyan and Samyak with 4.9 stars on google rating. It is a unique, fully packaged hostel with nearly all necessary or expected facilities. Mother’s Home is not a hostel, but a home for students which is owned and operated by Dr. Manav Garg and his family. Excellent place to stay with a great environment, good food, water supply, and sanitation. Overall, the most friendly and highly preferable.

Being Home (Zeta)

The Being home(Zeta) Hostel is well situated as one of Kota’s best-performing hostels near Allen Sankalp & Samyak in Landmark City Kunhadi, Kota. Being Home hostels is a branded chain of hostels. It is an Allen Recommended Boys Hostel in Kota. This place has outstanding employees, tidy rooms, and a wonderful environment. Being home (Zeta) hostel Kota is an ideal hostel for boys as it is close to resonance, reliable, vibrant, and also near to major institutes, just a short walk away. The hostel provides veg food. Students from Southern India are also favored. It also has a 4.7 google rating with good reviews. They have a nice social room where students can spend some time away from school, cultivate some habits like music or read to stress out. They regularly conduct motivational, meditative, and student consultation sessions. Recommended for good value for money as their hostel’s services are maintained exceptionally well based on student feedback.

Maa Residency

Maa residency is the best boys hostel near Allen with a luxury single room that meets all student’s essential needs by providing proper lighting and ventilation. The size of the room is usually around 120 square meters, all wood furniture includes a bed, book-shelf, table pin, refrigerator. With each room annexed optional washrooms. Excellent food and great experienced staff. The room is no less than a hotel, no distractions, no TV, and at a reasonable distance both from Sangyan and Samyak. Best for all students planning to study in Allen.

Good Home Premium Boys Hostel

Good home Premium Boys Hostel offers nice and clean rooms, healthy and delicious food, a good study environment. Everyone can afford the rent reasonably too. It also has a Google rating of 4.7 and good feedback. The property is easily located in the vicinity of Allen Sangyan and in the electricity board area.

Jain Villa Premium Boys Hostel

Jain Villa is the most credible and effective way to find accommodation for students in Kota. Jain Villa boys hostel is one of the best hostels with spacious rooms at an affordable price range. They provide clean and hygienic food with a good ambiance to study. It is also near to the market in Kota. Allen Sangyan & Samyak are within walking distance from the hostel. They want their students to feel at home, hence celebrate all festivals together.

Govindam Residency

The Residency of Govindam is one of the commercial enterprises established in 2017. A hostel that focuses on providing a single platform for room rental and food facilities. The environment for studies and room quality are the best. Owners are very approachable and, always there to assist if/when the need be. The property is well maintained even at such competitive prices, with food being served at the top level and close to Allen Sangyan & Samyak. There is always a friendly staff to help and make you feel at home. The rating also includes Google 4.9 and good feedback.

Friends Residency Boys Hostel in Kota

Friends Residency Boys Hostel is a premium boys hostel with an owner having experience in hospitality management of more than 15 years. They offer three delicious meals twice a day with a snack in the evening and milk. Fully equipped and spacious air-conditioned rooms with refrigerators in every room. Also provided with a Gym, Table Tennis, Badminton, Computer Laboratory and Top Garden Board Games and other recreations. And the best part is it is on the Allen Sangyan & Samyak Rd, so close to Allen.

Dream Destination

It is one of the commercial ventures. Their hostel offers a variety of budget room rentals, not only in rent but aims to satisfy students. Close to Allen Sangyan & Samyak coaching institutes. Mobilizers and other accessories are classy and fashionable. The staff and even the food are perfect at the hostel. The second home to boys in Kota is the Dream destination hostel. It has world-class accommodation and is thus the most modern hostel to date. The rooms are clean and spacious, the owners are extremely caring and supportive.

SS Residency (Premium boys Hostel in Kota)

SS Residency (Premium boys hostel in Kota) is a high-quality hostel with high-quality food, the ultimate safety, ventilated in spacious rooms with marginal prices. Great location. Clean and neat rooms and bathrooms with a 4.9 google rating and positive feedback. The room size is large with the right ventilation balcony. Food that is healthy and delicious. Good staff and a peaceful study environment.

Oasis Residency 

Oasis residency in Kunadi City, Near Allen Coaching Centre, is the best and safe hostel. Every facility in the best mode has a high level of responsibility for management. Hygiene and energy-rich meals with quality food are served. Clean and sanitary rooms with full security. It’s a 5-star hostel with budget accommodation.

Yolo Hostel

YOLO HOSTEL is situated right outside a huge garden/lawn. Sunlight and ventilation are great. A very good atmosphere! The facilities are excellent and the property owner and warden are very humble and lovely! The hostel is very good, good food, well-managed employees, good study atmosphere, with good regulations made by the owners.

Shri Gurukripa Residency

Allen Sangyan & Samyak is about 500 meters from Shri Gurukripa Residency. The round-the-clock managerial facility, doctor facility, security, every facility is okay and all staff is attentive. Room quality is best for high discipline and a healthy environment for studies, the owner himself manages all complaints. Rent is also low and the food is also great.

Maheshwari Shrinath Boys Hostel

Maheshwari Shrinath Boys Hostel is a premium hostel for boys in Kota, a historical city. They provide the hostel with a cozy environment and hygienic food, and Allen Sangyan and Allen Samyak are close to their hostel. This hostel is managed by owners; this is another venture of Maheshwari Resort Group. In the hostel, they ensure high-quality security and a study environment. It’s a great place for a student. With a comfortable stay, they also provide good food.

Zolo Spectrum

Zolo Future is one of the best hostels in Kota for boys who study and focus on their future in Landmark City in Kota. It’s situated in Kota, Rajasthan, near Allen Samyak and Allen Sangyan. Zolo has spacious and luminous single rooms with top-quality facilities for the hostel boarders. In addition to home-like meals and healthy snacks, the residents can have fun in the lounge and play indoor games. For both a double and a single room, the price is minimal.

Tulsi Home

Tulsi Home has the best location and almost everywhere you can go by walk. The staff is friendly and helpful. The place is very quiet which is very important in the time of reading. The food they produce is also super nice.

Kritik Residency

Kritik Residency has very good facilities and the food they offer is excellent. The rooms are good as well. Around 60-70 rooms are available in this hostel, and some have a double room at a reasonable price. Overall the hostel is best in this area near Allen Sangyan & Samyak.

Paradise Residency

Kota-Paradise Rajasthan’s Residency is a high-level player in the Kota-Rajasthan Hostels category. The employees in this facility are kind and prompt to provide help. Also, you can get fresh and hygienic food, and it’s just a mile away from Allen Sangyan & Samyak.

Sindani House (Boys PG)

Sindani House is a nice place to stay at an affordable price. Their food and messing facilities are also available. The staff is genuine and kind-hearted. It is near to Allen Sangyan & Samyak coaching institutes.

Radha Residency 2 Boys Hostel

Radha Residency is one of our highest-end hostels with 118 single bedrooms and 5 double bedrooms. The hostel has large rooms that include an attached bathroom, geyser, study table, AC, refrigerator, library, and a bed with a side table. The rooms are fully equipped.

What else is it? Well, you never have to worry about being late for class just 100 meters away from Allen Sangyan & Samyak Institute.

SRS Crown boys hostel

SRS Crown boys hostel is one of Kota’s most famous hostel brands. The food in the SRS Crown boys hostel is also managed by the Agarwal family. It is a walking distance from Allen Sangyan & Samyak and so many other institutes and takes hardly five to six minutes. Holds a 4.4 rating for Google. It offers very nice workers with the best facilities. Feels like home.

We have tried to list the best boys hostels in Kota near Allen Sangyan and Samyak, Landmark City, Bundi Road, Kota Rajasthan. Do check them and our student’s Help Desk is available for you, feel free to connect.

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