Best Boys Hostel in Kota Near Allen Supath

Top 20 Best Boys Hostels in kota near Allen Supath

Every year many JEE & NEET aspirants come to Kota- the education hub, to advance their skills and knowledge. The foremost thing they look for is a reasonable hostel near to their coaching center. To make it easy for students, we have listed below the Top 20 best Boys Hostels in Kota near Allen Supath. We have tried to cover all the basic needs and services required to a student. From a walking distance, rent, room types to market convenience, everything is covered. The best hostels in Kota near Allen Supath, Naya Nohra, Baran Road, Hussaini Road and Borkheda are covered in this article. 

Disclaimer: The list furnished in this article does not indicate any ranking based on the quality of services provided by these hostels. This is just a collated list of hostels operating in this industry. 
We do not claim any ownership of the accuracy of the data furnished in this article. The readers are requested only to use this as information for reference and are requested to get in touch with the hostels directly to understand their services and service quality. The information provided here is curated based on existing information available in the public domain. Any discrepancies in data observed and suggested by readers or the hostels directly shall be amended.

List of Top 20 Boys Hostels Near Allen Supath

  1. Sufal Royal Boys Hostel in Kota
  2. Samaksh Hostel near Allen Supath
  3. GP Residency Boys Hostel in Kota
  4. Golden Residency
  5. Shri Balaji Residency
  6. Abhinandan Boys Hostel
  7. Vinayak Residency
  8. Khatna Residency
  9. Guru KOFunj Boys Hostel
  10. Rudraksh (Happy Nest) Boys Hostel
  11. Aman Residency
  12. My Room Location
  13. Shekhon Residency
  14. Krishna Hostel near Allen Supath
  15. SRS PRIME boys hostel 
  16. Shree Raghav Residency
  17. Hello World Ramanuj
  18. Bhagwati Homes Boys Hostel 
  19. Gupta Homes
  20. Bhavya Residency- Boys hostel and PG

Sufal Royal Boys Hostel

Sufal Royal is a hostel exclusively for boys, located in Coral Park. It carries 3.8 google ratings and is one of the nearest hostels from Allen Supath. Its distance from Allen Supath is just 600 meters with a walking time of 7 minutes. It can easily be accommodated in terms of food, daily needs, and laundry.

Samaksh Hostel near Allen Supath

Samaksh Hostel is located on Hussaini Rd. near Allen Supath. This Hostel consists of 2 floors and has good living space, and also has attached balconies. It is located on the main road. If anytime you feel like going out and chilling with friends, you have many options upfront as it offers you a good amount of gardens and parks nearby.

GP Residency Boys Hostel in Kota

GP Residency is a Boys Hostel situated in Naya Nohra in Kota, Rajasthan, in around 350 meter distance from Allen Supath. GP Residency provides the best food quality and assures hygiene and comfort for JEE &NEET students.

Golden Residency

If you have a food bud and want a hostel situated near cafes and food shops, then Golden Residency is the right option that you should look at. It is located on Hussaini rd. in around 250 meters of walking distance from Allen Supath in Kota, Rajasthan. It ensures students’ safety and accommodates you with a good ambiance. Also, Golden Residency is a Backpackers Hostel, if you are coming to Kota for a short period then you must check it.

Shri Balaji Residency

Shri Balaji Residency is also one of the Backpackers hostel, which means if your purpose to stay in Kota is just 2-3 months, you can stay here. It can easily be affordable for you as the rents are not much high. It ranges around 300 meters from Allen Supath. The market is also easily accessible from here. They provide you furnished rooms with a study desk, bed, and chair.

Abhinandan Boys Hostel in Kota

Abhinandan Hostels has 2 branches in Kota, one for boys and the other for girls. If you want a hostel that is easily affordable, then you can’t ignore it. Abhinandan Hostels offers you pocket-friendly rates. They ensure your safety, hygiene, and convenience.

Vinayak Residency

Vinayak Residency is one of the nearest hostels from Allen Supath. They provide good rooms and food quality to their students. The Vinayak Residency near Allen supath, offers all the basic amenities needed to fulfill safe and healthy living for students in Kota. It is located on Hussaini Rd., nearest to Allen, Supath.

Khatna Residency

Khatna Residency in Kota is for those who are looking for Air Conditioned rooms. It has well-furnished rooms, has its own dining area. Khatna Residency has a Balcony and Windows available in each room, it ensures proper ventilation and healthy living for their students. It is a walking distance of just 5mins from Allen Supath, in Kota.

Guru kunj Boys Hostel

Guru Kunj Hostels offers a pocket-friendly stay to each patron and welcomes them with complete warmth and hospitality. Guru Kunj hostel is located near Allen supath and is well-furnished Property. They Provide services like, Wifi, Watchman and guards security, Housekeeping and catering to all your food requirements by providing a house canteen. Their hostel rents range from INR 3,000-15,000/-. Guru Kunj hostels carry 4.4-star ratings.

Rudraksh (Happy Nest) Boys Hostel

Rudraksh Boys Hostel is located in Coral Park, in Kota, Rajasthan. It has decent size rooms and facilitates an attached washroom. They provide you with a good quality mattress, tables, and closet. The rooms are well lit and furnished, also Rudraksh Hostels provides a lift facility to its students. 

Aman Residency

Aman Residency is a hostel located on Hussaini Road, near Allen Supath. It provides you with a good market locality. Open space, general stores and other necessities can easily be accessible from here. They offer students with decent room sizes and Rents.

My Room Location

My Room Location is situated in Borkhandi, near Allen Supath. They offer you good quality food, a breathable environment, and a relaxing ambiance. They are located on the main road in Yogi Raj Marg. If you are looking for a pocket-friendly hostel, then this needs to be checked.

Shekhon Residency

Shekhon Residency is the nearest residency from Allen Supath, in Kota, Rajasthan. Shekhon Residency ensures hygiene and caters to its food services. It has watchman and guard facilities to ensure the safety of its students. It is located on Baran Road, in Borkhandi, Kota. Its distance from Allen Supath is around 450 meters.

Krishna Hostel near Allen Supath

Krishna Hostel is located in Borkhandi near Allen Supath in Kota. It is a PG with 4-6 rooms. Krishna Hostel offers you a good room size with a clean, healthy, and good study environment and quality food. Allen Supath is just a short walk away from Krishna Hostel.

SRS Prime Boys Hostel in Kota

SRS Prime is one of Kota’s best performing Hostels with a 4.2-star rating and 75 google reviews. SRS Prime’s motive is to make their hostels, affordable, approachable, and comfortable. Students are engaged with their services like wifi, furnished rooms, canteen, housekeeping, and watchman security. SRS Prime accommodates students with single and double bed facilities as per their requirements. Allen Supath is easily approachable from SRS Prime Boys Hostels with a walking time of 5 mins.

Shree Raghav Residency

Shree Raghav Residency is located in Coral Park in Naya Nohra, Kota-Rajasthan. It is one of the nearest residencies from Allen Supath in Kota. Its distance from Allen Supath is around 500 meters with a walking time of 6 minutes. If you are for a handy and pocket-friendly Place for your stay in Kota then, Shree Raghav Residency is a good option.

Hello World Ramanuj

Hello world ramanuj is a better place to live in if you seek a perfect study environment. They offer you well furnished and lit rooms with proper focus on sanitation by providing attached washrooms in each room. It is located near Allen Supath in Kota. Hello World Ramanuj provides students with a balcony and study desk, shelf, and a really comfortable mattress. It has 22 google reviews with 5-star google ratings.

Bhagwati Homes boys hostel

Bhagwati Boys Hostel is located in Coral Park on Hussaini Road in Kota, Rajasthan. It is near Allen Supath with a distance of 450 meters and a walking time of 6 minutes. It has 4.8-star google ratings with good feedbacks. This property consists of 6 floors and provides facilities like Air-conditioned and well-furnished rooms, also good ventilation can be accessed through windows and balconies in each room. 

Gupta Homes

Gupta Homes are located near Allen Supath with a distance of 800 meters, with a walking time of 10 minutes approx. It has a good sunrise and sunset view and greenery nearby. It is a pocket-friendly Hostel. They emphasize making students feel at home. Gupta Homes make sure for students comfort and easy accessibility and therefore is located on the main road.

Bhavya Residency- Boys hostel and PG

Bhavya Residency is one among those who emphasize on the comfort of students as their tagline says Home Away From Home, which justifies their motive of designing their property like a Home. Bhavya Residency provides well furnished rooms, with bookshelves, study table, chair, pinboard, bed with a mattress, and closet. They have Air-conditioned rooms as well so that students can be comfortable in the summers of Kota. Bhavya Residency Hostel is carrying 133 reviews on google with a 4.9-star rating, working quite well in its niche. If you wanna feel at home, Bhavya Residency is highly preferable.

The above listed are the 20 best boys hostels in Kota near Allen Supath, Naya Nohra, Borkheda, Kota. We have tried to cover various aspects as per JEE & NEET student’s requirements. Our Kota Student Help Desk is open for you, do connect.

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