Top 20 Boys hostel in Kota near Resonance

Top 20 Boys hostels in Kota near Resonance

This article will assist you in determining the best hostels in Kota, Rajasthan closes to their IIT, JEE, and NEET coaching center. Kota is well-known as one of India’s most important educational hubs. Every year, thousands of students transfer to Kota with the expectation of finding the right career path, and they must be properly housed in order to do so (hostel).  This article will try to rank the top 20 boys hostels in Kota, near resonance with accommodation available for students in Kota based on the factors like Student Reviews & Ratings, Pricing, Facilities offered, Location, Management, etc.

Disclaimer: The list furnished in this article does not indicate any ranking based on the quality of services provided by these hostels. This is just a collated list of hostels operating in this industry. 
We do not claim any ownership of the accuracy of the data furnished in this article. The readers are requested only to use this as information for reference and are requested to get in touch with the hostels directly to understand their services and service quality. The information provided here is curated based on existing information available in the public domain. Any discrepancies in data observed and suggested by readers or the hostels directly shall be amended.

List of Top 20 Best Boys Hostel in Kota near Resonance

Royal Residency

Royal Residency is one of the best accommodations for Kota students. Warm food, which is very delicious in taste, is always served to students. The benefit is, this hostel is near to the resonance coaching also. Well furnished and good room space. Their aim is to do better at every stage, and The Royal Residence is our latest offer, with a capacity of 140 people, to make the vision of providing home-like environments for students come true.

Being Home Theta (SRS Residency) near Resonance

Being Home Theta  (SRS Residency) is our Boys Hostel at Rajeev Gandhi Nagar Kota in the vicinity of resonance. Being home Theta and  Being Home Alpha are adjacent buildings, and Resonance, Nucleus, and Motion are near these Hostels. Being home Theta is a boy’s hostel with all the basic comforts needed for a student during his stay in Rajeev Gandhi Nagar, Kota. The hostel provides vegetarian food. Students from Southern India are also favored. It also has a 4.5 google rating with good reviews. They have a nice social room where students can spend some time away from class, cultivate some habits like music or read to stress relief.

Being Home (Gamma) Boys Hostels in Kota

Being Home Gamma (Residency) in IPIA road no 2, Boys Hostel in Kota near Vibrant Academy, Resonance, Sarvottam, and Reliable, Kota. Being Home Gamma is a boy’s hostel in Kota with fully-equipped single rooms with the basic facilities required during a student’s stay. Gamma is only 50 meters from Vibrant and about 250 meters from Resonance. The closest hostels to Vibrant are our hostels. BIOMETRIC attendance, 24 to 7 Caretaker and CCTV camcorder as well as security guards are provided by Being Home Hostels (residency).

B M Residency

B M Residency is close to Resonance coaching. It is the best hostel with all facilities and is close to all the coaching institutes. Its staff, food, and entertainment are the best among everyone, with a 5-star Google rating. Its rent is also moderate, so anyone can afford that.

Being Home (Beta)

Being Home Beta is a boys’ hostel close to resonance in Mahaveer Nagar, Kota. Being Home Beta is a Premium children’s hostel in Kota, with fully equipped single rooms, equipped with all basic amenities for a student. Being Home in Kota is classified as the top three boys hostels and a branded Kota hostel chain. Being Home Hostels provides students with on-call doctor’s facilities. See all our above amenities. Being Home Beta offers excellent facilities and social facilities where students can cultivate a hobby, talk to fellow hostesses and have fun.

Resonance Hostel 1

Resonance Hostel 1 is superb and the staff is friendly, helpful, and with a lot of local knowledge. The hostel is very good, high-quality food, well-managed staff, healthy studies atmosphere with strong owner-made regulations. The Allen, resonance, and nucleus are closest. It has a decent google rating with good feedback. The rent is also low and well-maintained infrastructure.

Vidhya Ashram Boys Hostel

Vidhya Ashram Hostel in Kota near Allen Sankalp gives lovely food and also one of the best hostels in the area. Coaching like Allen, Motion, Resonance, Vibrant, Career Point, Reliable is very close to the hostel. Vidyashram Hostels in Kota is in the medium-premium category of hostels. It has also a ranking of 3.8 on Google with positive feedback. It is definitely recommended.

Bright Boys Hostel

Bright Boys Hostel is located in Kota, near resonance, Nucleus Education, and Motion Academy. It has good rooms, a good management service including a laundry room and fully furnished AC rooms.

Ganesham Residency

Ganesham Residency has decent feedback as food quality is the best, healthy study environment. The round-the-clock managerial facility, doctor facility, security, every facility is okay and all staff is attentive. Room is best for high discipline and a healthy environment for studies, the owner himself manages all complaints. Rent is also low and has a rating of 3.9.

Zolo Columbus – Hostel for Boys

Zolo Columbus – Boys Hostel is one of the best hostels for Kota students. Best and comfortable accommodation with spacious and clean rooms. Near to all coaching, institutes be it career point, vibrant, or resonance all walking distance. It has also a ranking of 4.2 on Google with positive feedback. They also provide professional services with great guidance by IITians and Doctors.

Arnav Residency Kota

Arnav Residency provides an incredible service, they have such selfless motivations to serve society, offering an environment free of distraction, a guide to preparing for JEE very efficiently, Medical, etc. And guess what successful mentors are IIT students who have a passion for students.

Amritam boys Hostel in Kota

Amritam boys Hostel is a good hostel. Rooms are a little small, but enough to stay for a single student. Food is far better than other mess and hostels, but it should be more diverse. The best thing about this hostel is to keep the owner of this hostel at a discipline that is never at risk; he always tries to remain disciplined among the students there.

Triumph Homes

Triumph Homes are newly built PG for students and their guardians, and the hostel (Boys) in Kota has professionals in a quiet area near all major institutes of coaching. They commit to ensuring that students who are coming to Kota pursue their professional dreams in a safe, hygienic, and comfortable environment.

Arjuna Homes Boys Hostel near Resonance

Arjuna homes boys hostel providers a magnificent experience. There, a mentor is superbly guiding. They supply the purest ‘parsadam’ food, hardly to be found in Kota.  It’s home away from home for academic, personality, and spiritual development, it offers a unique and soothing atmosphere.

Rose Royal Residency (Resonance Hostel 4)

Safe and quite well run. Costly and in this regard, the facilities are lacking. Rose Royal Residency (Resonance Hostel 4) staffs are generally friendly and cooperative. Average food is. In the hostel, there are no shops, but there is almost no shop.

Shree Prabhu Ji residency

There are two different shree prabhuji residency branches the one that is the smaller, but you can enjoy the smaller building, however, because the food served was better than other hostels in this range. Nearby coaching institutes like Vibrant, resonance, motion, carrier point. The owner is very cooperative and helpful.

Indigo Boys Hostel in Kota

Indigo Boys Hostel is a great hostel and indoor games like table tennis, chess, carrom board, badminton are there, and a huge leisure hall to play all of this. Badminton in the outdoors court is played. The hostel is good overall:-). One of the best mid-size hostels near the Resonance building. Good food. – Good food. Accommodation and administration are appropriate.

Fortuna Icon Hostel

Fortuna Icon Hostel is the ideal place for NEET/IIT preparation students from Kota. The most important thing is food, so I’m going to say a great food at home. All is with standards. Rooms, security, etc. If you are looking for a real or trustworthy hostel also close to resonance, the best is to go for the property.

Himgiri Premium Boys Hostel

Great hostel with great management, the owner and the manager are so caring and honest that in no other hostel can you get a similar environment. Well, the food quality is very good only if the main cook is a bit lower on leave, but it’s much better than the other hostel’s confidence. If you are looking for a real or trustworthy hostel, the best is to go for the property.

Shanti Niketan Boys Hostel

Shanti Niketan Boys Hostel is a really great hostel The dinner canteen is good too. The one-room cost is 17000, it may be a bit costly, but on each floor, a laundry roaster is there, every 3 days housekeeper comes daily. If you are looking for a hostel in close proximity to resonance, you can go for this.

The 20 boys hostels in Kota, near resonance, are mentioned above. We tried to cover different facets of the student criteria of JEE & NEET. Our student assistance desk is available to you, do connect.

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