Best Girls hostel in Kota near Allen Sangyan and Allen Samyak

Top 20 Girls hostel in Kota near Allen Sangyan and Allen Samyak

Kota is well-known as one of India’s most important educational hubs. This article will attempt to rank the top 20 GIRLS hostels near Allen Sangyan and Samyak and the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Kota is Hostel near  IIT, JEE, and NEET Coaching Centre based on factors such as Student Feedback & Ratings, Pricing, Facilities Provided, Venue, Management, and so on. As a result, the best 20 girls hostel in Kota, close to Allen Sangyan and Allen Samyak, can be found in this article.

Disclaimer: The list furnished in this article does not indicate any ranking based on the quality of services provided by these hostels. This is just a collated list of hostels operating in this industry. 
We do not claim any ownership of the accuracy of the data furnished in this article. The readers are requested only to use this as information for reference and are requested to get in touch with the hostels directly to understand their services and service quality. The information provided here is curated based on existing information available in the public domain. Any discrepancies in data observed and suggested by readers or the hostels directly shall be amended.

Top 20 Girls hostel in Kota near Allen Sangyan and Allen Samyak

  1. Shree Sharnam Residency Girl’s Hostel
  2. Rudra Girls Hostel 
  3. Zolo Galaxy – Girls Hostel
  4. Being Home Hexa 
  5. Kamla Heights 
  6. Saket residency 
  7. Ganga Residency 
  8. Saraswati Kunj Girls Hostel
  9. Sidhodhya Premium Girls Hostel
  10. Sangyan Residency
  11. Shree Sharnam Residency 2 Girls Hostel
  12. Shree Shyama Kunj girl’s hostel
  13. Chayan residency girls hostel
  14. Sheetal Residency: Jain girls hostel
  15. Shri Shridhar Residency
  16. Study Homes Hostel
  17. Kaanav Residency
  18. Shambhala Girls Hostel
  19. Raghav Residency 
  20. Sky Horizon

Shree Sharnam Residency Girl’s Hostel

 Shree Sharnam Residency delivers luxury services and services tailored for student development and well-being. We have lots to discover and learn in our residences, offering a host of services and such as AC rooms, WiFi, an activity center, a mess, and a library. They make sure that their students live in a safe, comfortable, and holistic learning environment by providing premium hostels in Landmark City Kota.

Rudra Girls Hostel 

Rudra Girls Hostel offers decent amenities, a secure and well-run hostel, a family-oriented hostel, and a library of 5 stars, which provides a very special hostel in Kota in this hostel and in close proximity to Allen sangyan and samyak. Rudra Girls Hostel is one of our most renowned and proud accommodations to date, with fully furnished rooms and other amenities a student might expect.

Zolo Galaxy – Girls Hostel

Zolo Galaxy has all the compressors of a studio in a cutting-edge girls hostel in Kota. Kunhadi’s best girls hostel. New house, all rooms are furnished with a comfortable bed, big study table, big closet, a nightstand, baths all fitted with jaguars. Food is tasty and homely with a big delivery. The guard didi is really cute. Regular attendance rules are strict, the best place to stay in Kota, just across the street. The location is great in close proximity to Allen Sangyan and Samyak.

Being Home Hexa 

It has tidy rooms that are well-appointed. Allen faculty is running it so that students can overcome them with the help of their hostel only if they have any problems and questions in any subject. Food is very healthy and tasteful for 4 special days in a weak place.

Kamla Heights 

Kunhadi’s finest hostel in Kota whose name is the heights of the Kamla. The rooms are very large. Fantastic facilities to accommodate. The food is fantastic as well. It’s a hygiene food that makes it ideal for all of the students and the rooms are decorated, spacious, and with the finest room service. For the students, the faculty still offers its best. It has a great google rating of 4.7 and positive feedback.

Saket Residency

Saket Residency for women who seek clean, affordable, and safe accommodation in Kota. Very good service and space in the room. This place is also highly suitable from the security point of view. The hostel has 105 students available and features amenities like WiFi, power backup, meals, and much more.

Ganga Residency 

Ganga Residency is a Samyak & Sangyan town of Kota Recommended Allen Girls Hostel! In the first place, there are spacious bedrooms, a study table, a side table, and an attached bathroom. All amenities with well-managed staff perfect cleanliness.

Saraswati Kunj Girls Hostel

Saraswati Kunj Girls Hostel is superb. It’s a place for us more than just a hostel. The employees are so friendly to us that we feel at home. Washing facilities are available as well. Food is indeed very healthy and tasty. Complete hygiene is maintained for student’s health.

Sidhodhya Premium Girls Hostel

Best Girls Hostel with good amenities in this area. The rooms are good. The library can be found in the hostel, too. It’s a very good atmosphere. Personnel’s good, too. Clean and nearly complete facilities good accommodation at reasonable prices. Best girls hostel in the vicinity of Allen sangyan. The nice and professional staff who work there would be the most remarkable about the hostel.

Sangyan Residency

Sangyan Residency provides students from various parts of the country with the best amenities. In a homely atmosphere, students can study well here. You can relax and enjoy your holidays and festivals during your leisure time. They can thus ensure that a healthy study and fun combination of life in Sangyan Residency is possible.

Shree Sharnam Residency 2 Girls Hostel

Shree Sharman Residence – II is a one-of-a-kind accommodation for students in Kota city, with 165 single rooms and two guest rooms. What’s it all about? Well, check for CCTVs. Services of washing – Check. Café & tea 24×7 – Check. And it continues with the list. This upcoming residence will soon be your favorite place to live less than a kilometer away from Allen sangyan and samyak.

Shree Shyama Kunj girl’s hostel

Shree Shyama Kunj offers the best, safest, and best hostels for girls and boys in Kota. For room depending on your choice, there are many options. Room set for two, three, and one. With current sanitary products and recognized plumbings, the bathrooms and toilets speak of comfort. Girls can feel safe about their safety. A home, away from home.

Chayan residency girls hostel

Very nice girls’ hostel. It is very safe and the food is high quality and well-balanced. Security is top class for residents in chayan residency. Best facilities, delicious and hygienic food, full security, and excellent study environment. The employees and the owner himself are helpful and very cooperative.

Sheetal Residency: Jain girls hostel

Sheetal residency: Jain girls hostel is one of the best girls’ hostels in the town of the landmark. The rooms are very spacious and affordable. The food served in the hostel is very good and fresh and is home-made. Safety and other facilities are quite good, and thus one of the best places for girls to prepare for the tests.

Shri Shridhar Residency

The luxury class is Shri Shridhar Residency. Firstly, there are large bedrooms with a side table and a bathroom attached. For more information, you can scroll through the photos listed here. Or better yet, reach us at the above numbers and we are more than happy to tell you about the life you’re expecting in the first-class Kota girls-only hostel.

Study Homes Hostel

Study Homes Hostel is in a strategic position only a hop-skip away from Allen. The rooms are much larger than the many other hostels. Every day students also get excellent quality food served. One of the best things about this hostel is that they take care of all student’s needs and that we take care of all kinds of problems immediately.

Kaanav Residency

Kaanav Residency is a sleek and girl-friendly property. The best part is that the rooms for parents are in-house. There are children in the hostel whose parents can stay within Kaanav Residency. The quality of food is excellent and has a hygienically maintained in-house mess facility that provides delectable multi-cuisine food for students from all over the country.

Shambhala Girls Hostel

Shambhala Girls Hostel provides a “Zero Noise Pollution” Good study environment, which is the need of an hour. The owner and managers here are very cooperative, they come up with an immediate solution to nearly everything and all that is very impressive. Every girl as a family member is taken care of by the management aunty. There are spacious rooms here. All guardians should visit this hostel, which has to be sure of their children as they study in Kota.

Raghav Residency 

Raghav Residency is the best Kota hostel, the staff is very friendly. The owner is particularly careful and always cares for the health of students, studies, and hears the problem if it is addressed properly. Food or health never compromised. Warden’s too sweet and caring.

Sky Horizon

Sky Horizon consists of 60 luxurious and spacious single rooms at very affordable prices, offering the best in quality comfort and convenience. We believe in providing value for money to make every penny you spend worth. Keep meals simple yet delicious, to ensure that your homemade food doesn’t miss the students.

The 20 girl’s hostels in Kota, near Allen sangyan and samyak, are mentioned above. We tried to cover different facets of the student criteria of JEE & NEET. Our student assistance desk is available to you, do connect.

Top 20 Girls Hostel in Kota near Resonance

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