Which are the best Open messes in Kota?

Food is amongst the most essential part of a student life in Kota. There is a general myth that Hostel food is very bad and of poor quality. But, based on our interactions with various students staying at good Hostels like S. Birla, Being Home Hostels, Ramanuj Mansion, etc. We have understood that students need to understand the following things carefully

  • Most in-house Mess in good Hostel are Hygenic and Good Quality but may not suite your taste buds throughout the year. Because, the Hostel owners need to consider making food students from all over the country with different taste buds. Some students like it spicy, some like it bland. Some like chinese, while others like Desi and so on.
  • There are high chances that Food Quality in Open Mess are compromised. They might taste good, but quality you are being served could be very bad. You will start having health issues once you leave Kota in a few years.
  • Avoid eating Non-Vegeterian food in Kota as Rajasthan mostly is Vegetarian dominated area. Since the demand of meat is less, the quality automatically gets lower and mostly infected and frozen mean is available and there are high chances of food poisoning.

Monthly Mess expenses in Kota is around 3000Rs – 4500Rs for a daily two diet meal.

Lis of Open Mess in Kota

Mess Location In KotaMESS Names
Mahaveer Nagar Bhagwatam Mess
Punjabi Mess
Prasadam Mess
Govind Mess
Gaurav Mess
Food Love
Red Chillis
Vigyan NagarCaliber Foods
Sangam Mess
Rajeev Gandhi NagarLaxmi Mess
Indra ViharMRF Foods

Monthly Cost of Open Mess in Kota

An Open Mess in Kota mostly only Serves Lunch and Dinner they do not provide Breakfast facilities for Students

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